Will your product launch be a success? 4 Signs IT WON’T BE!

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If you have a product launch coming up this week, I am sure you are having sleepless nights already! Or maybe all you can dream of is either how big mess it was or how successful it was! In either case, you are terribly scared and nervous about your launch already. But don’t you think it’s time for you to measure its success! I am pretty sure that you might be working on this product from months or maybe years as it is a platform to showcase your product in front of your target audience.

It has to go right, isn’t it? What your product does or does not, is a judgment and statement you are already aware of. But how great and successful your product launch is going to be is a major concern here. I mean what if you couldn’t convince the audience how brilliant your product is? Hang on! Don’t get nervous or scared already. Let’s discuss some scary realities that you must take a charge upon before your final product launch.

4 signs stating that your product launch is going to be Booo!

  1. When you are not sure about “How to sell!”

Since you were working on the product, you are well aware of what your product can do! But do you think that is what your target audience wants to know? You might have prepared an entire presentation on ‘what’ you are selling, but ‘how’ you are selling is still a big question.

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If there is no test and trial module covered on your product as to how you are going to sell it, unfortunately, your marketing strategy is still unclear. How about the growth strategies that requires market research and reactions of people in the funnel? And you aren’t prepared with your marketing strategy yet, it’s time for you to do that before the big launch!

  1. You haven’t told the audience why your product is awesome!

Consider an instance here: you are launching a smartphone and all you are talking about is the operating system in the big product launch. But to the target audience, you need to tell them why this phone is better than others and demonstrate the cool features of your phone. You talked so much about product development, that you missed the fun and cool part of demonstrating what is best in your product. If you know that product is awesome, but you cannot demonstrate or prove the same to the audience, there is no point of having a product launch at a first place! Talk about the problems that users are facing, and declare your product as the solution. Why do people need to buy your smartphone, that’s what your product launch should be based upon!

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  1. You’re not convinced and ready yet!

So let me explain this with an instance: I am in the market to buy the Bluetooth for my car. However, the one I liked is not available so I went for the second best. I am excited to feature the device to my friends and family. But here’s the thing: No matter how convincing I sound, but deep down I know that this is not something I wanted to buy in the first place. I bought the second best and now I am just convincing others that it’s the best one!

My gut feeling is just going to pull me back when I try to sell the features of my Bluetooth to my friends. So you share the same gut feeling for your product, your product launch is pretty much a failure. You need to convince yourself in order to upsell it to others. It is that  You need to be ready for anything, for any damn question for others to be convinced on your product.

  1. You are unaware of the feedback and reviews of your product

It is always advised to create the alpha or beta version of your product in order to receive honest feedback first. I mean, this is very common with smart applications these days. You must prerelease your app before the final launch to get an idea of how the market will respond to the product.

Launching a product without any feedback from alpha/beta users is like convincing the bull to hit you! Think about it: what if your application is too complicated for a layman to even operate? And that’s why it is important to survey the results and feedback of your product before the big launch!



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