Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn (That Verily Work)

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Why is it that many well-educated and qualified people are not reaching the best of their professional options? For most, the answer lies within personal branding. Be it employment or entrepreneurship, having a personal brand can prove to be immensely beneficial. Those who understand personal branding know it is not run-on-the-mill to maintain one. However, before we jump into boosting your personal brand on LinkedIn, let’s understand personal branding and why it’s important to integrate it with LinkedIn.

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Personal Branding

personal brand

To achieve your personal or professional goals, it is important to brush up what you know. However, a more important aspect is: who you know. Thus, building a full-fledged network is important. Now, to build that network around you, you need to put out who you are and why are you important. Enters: personal branding. 

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LinkedIn, with 675 million monthly users, is a leading platform where you can boost your personal brand. Let’s see how. 

Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Improving your personal brand on LinkedIn has numerous benefits. Such as:

  • Foremost, meaningful and wide networking.
  • Showcase your expertise. 
  • Better marketing and business growth. 
  • Building trust in your brand.  

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As mentioned in the term itself, personal branding, there is no step-by-step manual that can be followed to do so. However, there are these building blocks (and a strong, polished floor) that will help you understand and improve your brand better.

The floor: Profile

profile on LinkedIn

Yes, it is a given having a profile in order to boost your personal brand on LinkedIn. But hear me out, not many people are using their LinkedIn profiles as efficiently as LinkedIn offers. 

Personal branding is all about you. So when not done by you, your professional story is told by others. Therefore, I personally prefer and suggest building your profile yourself. So if you’re a budding entrepreneur, you don’t need a team of 10 people to manage it.

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Also, even though you are the epicenter of your personal brand, remember, the purpose of it is professional. Thus, an ideal LinkedIn profile is an integration authenticity, personal portrayal, and professional highlights. With plenty on LinkedIn, make sure your profile doesn’t seem a bot. It should be humanized while integrated with professional personality and accomplishments. 

Building block 1: Value

value in content
Add value within the content you create and share

Be it reaching a goal or people, we do it purposefully. Thus, in order to build a network, it is important to provide value to people. The goal for publishing the content should be to attract others to it, not to simply promote it meaninglessly. 

To do so, you must have a solid matter and reason to speak. The content itself should be original, creative, and valuable. Also, what most people are not sure about, you must be diverse with your content. It has been debated upon that diversity in content leads to confusion regarding your expertise. However, 65% of LinkedIn users are between the age of 25-34, therefore, now that makes diversity in content equals more value. Thus, feel free to post videos, portfolios, podcasts, inspiring stories of other entrepreneurs, articles, and curated content. 

Also, repost content posted by others. It is when you provide true value, people see value in you as a personal brand.

Building block 2: Networking

Networking on LinkedIn

Let’s clear the most common misconception working as a hurdle amid true networking: LinkedIn is not a game of numbers. Instead of focusing on increasing the number of your connections, connect with people.

Therefore, to improve networking, and eventually, your personal brand on LinkedIn, here’s what to do:

  • Connect with all the people you’ve worked with or work for in the past, which makes it easier to get recommendations and repurpose them in testimonials. Along with them, when networking, your clients, regular customers, investors, mentors, and people who influence you are your true valuable assets.  

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  • To have a well-bridged network, it is important to welcome others within reach of your work. Reach to your mentors or other people for advice, not for favors. 
  • What you say about yourself is not as trusted as what other people have to say about you. Thus, when asking people to recommend you, give them the blurb in the mail. Letting them know how you want to be introduced will make the work easier for them while increasing the chances of them actually recommending. 
  • Another great networking method is to join groups. Besides networking, another minute advantage of joining groups is that the icons of groups you’ve joined shows in your profile. That gives an impression of you as an active LinkedIn participant. 

Networking is not a one-way track. Throughout the growth of your personal brand and maturing of your work, you will have people or mentees who’ll look up to you. Promote their content and work, that won’t only solidify your network but also, as discussed above, will help to provide value at your end. 

Building block 3: Engage and Influence

engage on LinkedIn

The value you provide will end up as a notification for your connections and the network you build will get dried up and fade. To avoid that from happening, it is more than important to engage and influence people via your valuable content and within your strong network. 

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Converse with your connections, take advice, ask for feedback while sharing your work with them. That might lead to them sharing your content, which will eventually result in widening the reach of your personal brand. Also, share your content within the groups. That will help start a conversation and in the marketing of your content. 

Influence others, that is an important ingredient in providing value and building a network. We always have a story to tell, an experience to share, and lessons from mistakes to teach. 

Do you have your other building block working for you? Share with us in the comments. It’s valuable, networking, and influential 🙂


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