5 ways to turn your LinkedIn connections into paying clients

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LinkedIn is a social network that provides employment-oriented service. It allows
creating professional relationships with the members. It’s the best way to connect with recruiters. you can also use this platform for getting social leads. Hence you can use
LinkedIn connections to convert your audience to your potential customers.

Here are 5 Ways to turn your LinkedIn connections into paying clients

The LinkedIn summary should be right positioned

It is very important for your LinkedIn summary to make your customer feel that you can
help them with their problem. You need to make them believe that you understand their
problem and have a solution for them. To achieve this object your LinkedIn summary
should convey your value. The summary should be in a way that it converts the
connections to the potential customer. When the customer read your summary they
should develop trust that you can do their work. For an effective summary, you may involve the following points: Your experience in the field, A call of action, Your contact.

Create a valuable content 

People believe in what they see. When you will share a credible content it will help your
customer to establish trust on you. The content needs to demonstrate that you are an expert in the field. This further tells your connection that you understand their problem and can solve it. This also explains the way you can help them achieve outstanding results.
Sharing content frequently increases your visibility among connections. The content you
offer should is educational. Design content in a manner that set you apart from the

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Personalize your LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn allows you to send personal messages. Thus this feature can be used in
building personalized relationships with connections. The first thing you need to do is
navigate the profile of member you like to connect or generally know about that person.
Add a note and write a personalized message. The message should make the customer
feel that you ate the one who can help them face the challenge. You need to make them
believe in you. The message should be polite, personalized, and professional at the
same time.

Expand your email marketing list

LinkedIn allows you to send messages to around 50 people at one time. You can use
this to your advantage send a message inviting your LinkedIn connections to join your marketing list. Include a direct link to the page to make it effortless for the other. Out of all, you may get a few signups. Slowly this will increase your email marketing list and you will be able to reach more audience at the same time.

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Answer the questions 

When someone asks you a question, answer it thoroughly. Your answer should exhibit
that you are an expert in a field. This will help your LinkedIn connections that you are confident
and know what you are talking about.
The following points should be kept in mind while answering.
It should be educational and should include plenty of facts.
It should convey your value
Don’t forget to reach out to the person in a personalized message offering him
additional support.


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