Top 10 YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs to Subscribe

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YouTube, a free to use service has been home to a tremendous amount of videos since 2005. In this short amount of time, it has grown to entertain as well as teach its viewers. With that, it obviously targets one of the most growing communities, entrepreneurs. From productivity and motivation tips to marketing tools and techniques to run a business, these top YouTube channels for entrepreneurs can help you and your business to shoot up.

YouTube has a wide and diversified content for entrepreneurs and marketers, that creates the problem of choice. Thus, to make sure you receive the best of these YouTube channels, we have selected the top 10 of them for starting a new business or growing a well-established company. 

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1. Marie TV 

This channel is where an American entrepreneur, Marie Forleo, helps her viewers to have a rich-quality life and successful business. Above all, she does this all with 100% authenticity. She has been named as a thought leader for the next generation by another great entrepreneur, Oprah. This New York Times best selling author for advice books, a self-made billionaire who started by serving drinks, and founder of program B-school, holds 6,50,000 subscribers. 

2. Y Combinator

This YouTube channel comes from the company with the same name, Y Combinator. This company helps with funding new businesses and has helped businesses like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Twitch during its course. This YouTube channel helps to start a business and covers interviews of some of the greatest entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. 

3. Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy, an overall life improvement YouTube channel is run by motivational speaker and author of self-development books- you guessed it, Brain Tracy, himself. His channel includes diverse and numerous videos on self and career improvement, such as a 21-day mental diet and secrets of self-made millionaires. 

Along with his one of the leading YouTube channels for entrepreneurs, his books like Earn What You’re Worth and Eat That Frog has been helping the people both personally and professionally. 

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4. The Rise To The Top

The popular business show: The Rise To The Top is hosted by David Siteman Garland. This YouTube channel has featured more than 300 marketing experts and businesses. As the name indicates, the channel and David are focused to help the viewers to become an expert in their industries. The channel holds around 2,50,000 people within its grip by providing insights they require to make online courses out of their expertise and business. 

5. Tony Robbins

I might be a bit biased here but Tony Robbins is the best self-help guru. From figuring out the inbred issues to helping start the dream career, he has been helping numerous people. In this video, it is shown how much he focuses on having a coach in life and why. If you are wondering why to listen to his business advice, the success of his 31 businesses is something you should look into. 

6. Roberto Blake

This growing channel runs by the name of a business coach and creative entrepreneur, Roberto Blake. His main focus has been shining a light on the importance of creativity. For which, he has founded a company named Awesome Creator Academy and is the CEO of Create Awesome Media. Having said that, he has been spreading his life motive: Always Be Creative in various videos, programs, and campaigns. 

7. Ted

Okay, most of you probably know this one. But for those of whom don’t, this channel is one of the leading YouTube channels for entrepreneurs where people share their stories, ideas, and opinions on things that truly matter to have a successful life and career. This channel will surely force you to think hard and look ahead while giving importance to fulfilling your dreams. 

8. Robin Sharma

The writer of the famous book series: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma, has his YouTube channel under his name. Considered as one of the best leadership experts, his channel consists of videos regarding detailed techniques to growing a personality and values important as an entrepreneur. 

9. Google Small Business

As the name suggests, this channel focuses on providing tips, techniques, know-how, and everything else about small businesses. The videos of this channel portray real-life challenges of business owners along with how they overcome those. Also, this YouTube channel bestows startup stories and shows how to associate your business with various online platforms. 

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10. GaryVee

This channel is hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk, a famous internet personality, Belarusian-American entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. With more than 2 million subscribers on his channel, following his path to find their unique destination, Gary regulates motivation over social media too. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be, you might want to tune into his channel.  

Starting your own YouTube channel for your business

While these channels inspire you to work hard on your life and business, starting your own YouTube channel can help you achieve the same. 

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Here’s how a YouTune channel can help your business:

  • Video content is much more engaging. Thus, more and more customers can be attracted using YouTube
  • Markets your business and your persona as an entrepreneur
  • Creates better relationships with customers
  • If you have a product-based business, demonstrating how your products work can ease the whole process for the customers
  • Enhances transparency amongst customer, business, and entrepreneur


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