10 MOVIES EVERY ENTREPRENEUR SHOULD WATCH ON NETFLIX, This post is for every entrepreneur out there sitting at home wondering when this pandemic is going to end, how they can go back to their start-up life and hustle for what they love, which also kept them motivated.

I understand during this time many of you, enthusiastic entrepreneur may be feeling a little low but here we are putting how you can use Netflix in a productive way by watching something which will lead you to victory, keep you motivated and maybe bring you with a new variety of ideas just by being in the comfort of your bed with your laptop and a good internet connection. let’s check out these top 10 movies every entrepreneur should watch during the lockdown



The boy who harnessed wind_entrepreneurskillhub
The boy who harnessed wind






Genre: Social Drama

 IMDb Rating: 7.6 

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a very inspiring true story of a 13-year-old who saved his village from famine and drought apart from the fact he was dropped out of school because of the bad financial situation in his house.

William who showed education can not only be gained by going to school but education can be gained by one who is willing to. He saved his village by borrowing books from his old school library, he learned one thing from them by heart that was wind turbines and innovate it by things he was surrounded by. This Netflix original is a motivational story for every entrepreneur who seeks opportunity would definitely relate.

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  1. PRINT THE LEGEND (2014)

PRINT THE LEGEND (2014)_Entrepreneurskillhub
PRINT THE LEGEND (2014) on Netflix






Genre: Documentary, Biography

  IMDb Ratings: 7.1

Print The Legend is an award winning-Netflix documentary that might motivate you to do the next big thing you always wanted to do. It is a 90 minutes documentary that tells us about how 3D printing step by step has taken over the market. If you are from the printing industry or not this will give you tons of knowledge.

MarketBot and Formlabs have been documented in this and they tell the story how their small idea of 3D printing is all over the market and changing people’s lives. In addition to that, it tells us how even the smallest innovative idea if you try hard and work hard you can earn success just like 3D printing did.

  1. YES MAN (2008)

YES MAN (2008)_entrepreneurskillhub
YES MAN (2008)








Genre: Comedy, Romance

  IMDb Rating: 6.8

Yes Man is a funny story of Carl Allen who is fed up of his negative attitude and one day decides to enroll himself into a personality development class which had one motive that is to say yes to everything and it gets settled in Carl’s head and he kept saying yes to every opportunity in his life until he realizes he had taken this too far.

Just by saying “yes” his career and love life go unpredictable and creates a series of funny events. Later he realized he has changed and that is for good. There are

Many opportunities out there, which are waiting for you, you just have to have confidence in yourself and go for it.


Inside Bill's Brain on Netflix_Entrepreneurskillhub
Inside Bill’s Brain on Netflix






Genre: Documentary, Biography

   IMDb Rating: 8.0

Well, we all are aware of this genius mind and how obsessed are we with him which showed when his documentary released and made it to the most talked documentary of 2019. This is essentially one of the movies every entrepreneur should watch.

This documentary was documented by Oscar-winning director, David Guggenheim who aim was to find out what goes inside the mind of Bill Gates who is a founder of such a big enterprise, Microsoft.  In this, we found out a lot about him from his childhood to his education to his dream Microsoft and his family.

This is a documentary every college going student should definitely watch as Bill Gate’s dream started at that phase of his life and now, he is one of the richest people of the world because he believed in his dream and worked hard enough to make it a success.

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  1. JOBS (2013)

JOBS (2013)_Entrepreneurskillhub
JOBS (2013) on Netflix






Genre: Biography, Drama

 IMDb Rating: 5.9

JOBS is a story of that person who has actually brought modern computers in our lives, whose company’s gadgets most of us own and dream of. Steve was a college drop out, he was so confident about his dream that he with a couple of his friends made it happen. He is considered as the most innovative entrepreneur of the 20th century and we have no doubt in that.

This is a must-watch form every college drop out who feels like giving up on his dream, this will give you a boost up and maybe you’ll achieve your dream.








Genre: Documentary

 IMDb Rating: 7.9

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary is about how your dedication can take you from a normal to a chef of Michelin three-star based in Tokyo.  Jiro never in his life thought that he will be selling 30,000 yen sushi in a top restaurant in Tokyo. In this documentary, he told how his dedication has led to him making some sushi from the last decades, and every time he tries to make better.

It is a fact that perfection cannot be gain in a say. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to reach a level which you also dreamed of.

  1. THE BIG SHORT (2015)

THE BIG SHORT (2015)_Entrepreneurskillhub






Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama.

IMDb: 7.

Big short is a movie based on real-life and because of such a good story, it has won Oscar also.

It is a story about the mind of an entrepreneur who always looks for an opportunity for his or her business and seeks profit out of it. When in the 2008 economical recession most parts of the world were struggling for their work and people were losing billions of money the main lead of this movie seeks the opportunity and somehow handle to earn tons of money which shocked everyone.

Every entrepreneur’s mind works in a way which always seeks for opportunities. Thing movies are very much recommended to that intact young mind looking for business opportunities.


TONY ROBBINS: I AM NOT YOUR GURU (2016)_Entrepreneurskillhub






Genre: Documentary

IMDb Ratings: 6.

I AM NOT YOUR GURU is a Netflix documentary about Tony Robbins who is a business strategist and his internationally famous life.

This documentary shows what happens behind when you conduct a very big workshop; he takes us to a deep dive into all the preparations going on behind the scenes and how much it takes to conduct a workshop with this amount of pressure on your back.

This is a must-see for all the people who get anxiety from their ton of workload and will inspire you to deal with it.


ENRO: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM (2005)_Entrepreneurskillhub





Genre: Documentary, Biography, History

  IMDb Rating: 7.6

Enron is a real-life story; about a company that uses to be the seventh-largest company in the US to bankruptcy within a year and how everybody struggles to makes ends meet.

It has a whole drama about how they had to fire around 20,000 employees to suicide. In spite of the fact that the company was going into loss, Enron was always true to his employees and tries to manipulate banks and brokers for money to save his company.

Every venture has a good time and bad time, but every entrepreneur should never lose hope and always be true to yourself and to people you are working with.


THE SOCIAL NETWORK _entrepreneurskillhub






Genre: Biography, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Social Network is about someone who most of us are aware of and even use his social media platform, Mark Zuckerberg. One of the youngest billionaires of our time that is why this is in the list of movies every entrepreneur should watch.

Yes, this movie is about our most loved platform owner, the movie revolves around how Mark one night in 2003 sat in front of his laptop in his dorm room of Harvard and builds a which changed his life and with that, he changed whole world’s life too, that platform was Facebook. The story revolves around the success of 500 million Facebook users and 6 years later Mark gets into legal complications but saves his company from that.

Every idea comes with big hope, work hard on that, and make it big. When you are going to get a famous lot of complications will come your way, many people will lie and try to take over but you have to always stand by yourself and never let your hard work get someone’s name on it.


So, these are all top 10 movies every entrepreneur should watch to get motivated, work hard, and give a lot of dedication to your work that is all is required to achieve your goals. I hope this article is helpful to you.


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