50 tips and insights about productivity, happiness and life

Tips on productivity,happiness and life

Whatever we do at this particular moment is to attain happiness. Whatever we do, or we have
done or planning to do for that matter, is because we think that it is going to make us happy,
isn’t it? But pursuing one single thing every day can actually become dull and can bring
boredom in life.

Let’s talk about 50 insights that can help you with better productivity leading to a happier life:

1. Live in your present to realize how wonderful your life is
2. Do not fall into the trap of judgment. If someone is judging you, it’s their problem, not
3. Be friends and close to wise people. They help you understand life and situations better.
4. Make sure you are taking proper sleep in your day.
5. Eat healthy for a healthy brain.
6. Switch to healthy fluids and juice than shakes and chocolates. The increasing glucose level in your body is a major factor of an unhealthy lifestyle and lesser productivity of the day.
7. Believe it or not, ‘early to bed, early to rise’ makes your life healthier and day productive
8. Exercise and Meditate
9. Pay your debts on time for a stress-free and happy life.
10. Do not apply for too many credit cards as they are the liability to be paid as well

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11. Keep your expenditure in a budget to keep your life sorted.
12. Read non-fictional books to explore the different mindset
13. Go for lunch or dinner alone sometimes to spend quality time with your thoughts
14. Keep your house clean for lesser distraction while working
15. Keep yourself clean and take a shower every day
16. Plan your investments wisely
17. Keep funds ready for an emergency
18. Shop your own grocery to avoid buying repeated stuff
19. Write your innovation and ideas always. It will change your life and mindset for good.
20. Travel the world
21. Keep post-its with your stationery so that you do not forget anything
22. Keep a track about yourself. You should progress on a daily basis. Small or big: doesn’t


23. Shop what is important and not unnecessary
24. Always look beautiful/handsome as it helps you with better confidence
25. Take a walk whenever you feel like yelling at someone
26. Explore the world of music as it helps in calming our mind
27. Become a doer, not a talker

28. Try to pursue a small good deed every day, it will keep you happy and increase your productivity!
29. Do not skip your meals ever! Your body needs fuel to run the entire day
30. Always smell good. Bad odor is a sign of depression and carelessness
31. Do not judge people on the basis of their appearance, gender or origin. Everyone
deserves to be treated equally
32. Be kind with your words
33. Be impulsive and smart with your work
34. Don’t get jealous of people’s success. Be happy for them rather
35. Keep your promises. If you cannot, don’t make promises
36. Remind your loved ones that they are important for you.
37. Explore some art in yourself.

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38. Do not quit on your passion, because your passion is your happiness
39. Stop feeling guilty of your past, and worry about your future. You are getting nothing
out of it
40. Move on from your problems. Believe me, you are not the only one with issues
41. Try to motivate someone in your life. It will add better meaning for you.
42. Be a good listener
43. Appreciate others when they do something for you
44. Accept your mistakes, if you committed any
45. You are not a gossip girl, don’t even try to be.
46. Switch to informative channels than daily soap series
47. Do something for animals, once in a while
48. Before quitting, make sure you have done everything you could
49. Be humble while communicating
50. Anger will only bring the worst of the situation
We all want to be happy. And honestly, try these tips and insights on productivity, happiness and life and I promise: You will see
that change you always dreamt of!


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