The Future of Examinations in India is Digital

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The world of technology is changing. Technology has captured all the aspects in the past few years. Technology has made our lives easier and is doing so continuously. Today there’s no sector which is untouched by technology. Even in educational institutions, technology plays an important role today. The Indian education sector is slowly realizing the need for technology, especially in the examination sector.

Digital India  movement education

Moreover with Digital trends in the educational sector, the digital India movement by our prime minister, everything has become digitalized. So digitalization is increasing the need to equip Indian students. The universities and schools have to adopt digitalization. As everything is becoming digitalized today the students need to learn modern methods. This will help students to meet the need of the digital age.

Over the years, many educational institutions have opted for the modern system of teaching. The traditional structure of education has been replaced by the digital processes of teaching. The education has moved outside the walls of institutes. This overall has helped in strengthening the examination system.

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The examination model has changed from the paper-based model to the digital model.
The pen-paper model is best suited when the numbers of students are not more. But as in the Indian education system, the numbers of students are in large. The paper-based model creates stress on educationalists and universities. This is because these papers have to be checked manually which needs large staff and time. Also, this type of examination puts more pressure on students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To overcome the limitations of paper examinations the digital examinations are brought into the picture. The digital examination is a better way and also more effective. It can be termed more efficient too as there is less manual work. The digitalized papers also reduce the burden on both students and teachers.

Digital examinations

Digital examinations are designed in a way so that limitations of traditional examinations are kept out. The custom exam writing device is used today to keep the navigation intuitive. This device has quite a few features. Approximately to date 40000 students have written their exams with this device. The students had a positive view of the device. The majority of students had a good experience using this device for writing the examination.
The digital examination has many benefits. Some of them are the following.

In the digital examination, the pressure of checking exams manually is less. This reduces the work of the checker giving him more to invest in other activities. The results of digital examinations are fast. Also, the results are more efficient as there is less chance of mistakes that include wrong calculation or bias checking.

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This method also helps in reducing cheating during the exam and other malpractices.

This way more fair evaluation is taken place. As exams are checked with a set pattern there are no biases.

The responsibility of handling question papers and answer papers is reduced.

It’s an eco-friendly way and a lot of paper is saved this way leading to less paper population.

The data of examination can be saved in the cloud for long. The data can get accessed from any computer.

The digital examination is the future of examination. This method is more effective and efficient. It not only saves the time of teachers but also saves students time. It has overcome the main challenge of the education system. Thus it helps in preparing students for future jobs for educational institutes digital examination has made the examination process easy and also more secure.



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