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The very first thing they teach you in any personality development class is how to build up your self-confidence. The one thing that my mentor suggested was always to fake it till you make it, it eventually became my mantra. Miles Davis once said “if you’re not nervous then you’re not paying attention” and that is the true scenario before any vital moment of your life. The key, however, is to own the nervousness and for that, you need to master your ways around confidence. 



Be the change you want to see. It all starts with the man in the mirror. Take a good look at yourself and remind yourself how important you are. Your power is in your thoughts and your thought is what sets you apart from the rest. The very first step is to master your thoughts. Make a list of all your achievements and all that you like about yourself and read it every time you doubt yourself.
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The universe has a way of giving back what you put out to it. Every little element in the world is made of energy and your energy affects the energy of everything around you. Recognizee what drives your pessimistic thoughts and try to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. Accustom your mind to positive terms like “I can” and block away from the negative terms like “I cannot”, terms that fuel your pessimistic thoughts. 



Attire plays a major role in confidence building. How you carry yourself impacts what the people think about you and it also helps build self-esteem. You need to dress how you want to be addressed and remember to dress comfortably only then will it work in your favor. The first impression one has of you is based on how you look and the way you carry yourself. Also remember, clothes can’t work out the magic unless you know how to work them. Standing straight with the right posture and maintaining eye contact brings out the true charm that comes along with dressing smartly.

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How you speak and what you speak matters, so do the people around you. It’s important to surround yourself with people who can empathize with your situation and motivates you. Be around people who bring out the best in you and makes you want to do better. In any working scenario, you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up with yourself and that’s when you understand the importance of positive self-talk. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you believing in your judgments and performing accordingly. 



A calm mind basically means clearer thoughts. The more sorted your mind the clearer are your visions about yourself. Meditation relaxes your mind and helps you control your thoughts. Remember that your thoughts become things and a calm mind always brings inner strength and self-confidence. 

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Reading always helps. Half the reason behind your nervousness is because of lack of knowledge about the situation you’re at. Imagine how easy it would be to confront a situation when you know about it beforehand. Engage yourself in reading all kinds of books from motivational ones to the ones that talk about boosting motivation and provide with tips to become great leaders, read them all. Intellect always depicts self-confidence and self-esteem booster. 


Get out there and take your chance. Remember, failure is a stepping stone that one should learn from but a failure because of lack of self-confidence shouldn’t be the case. Work your way around your strengths and weaknesses and tune on to the above points to keep your confidence in check. Also, let us know what helps boost your confidence in the comments down below. Cheers!




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