Learn from these hot Indian’s start-up

Learn from these hot Indian’s start-up_entrepreneurskillhub


 You might be the one who cannot work under someone’s control. So you want to start a start-up to enter the entrepreneur’s world where you can be your own boss but aren’t sure. Maybe you think you are too young, inexperienced or not so smart or determined. Well becoming an entrepreneur is all about having a solution to people’s problems. If you have an idea you are all set to go. To motivate you guys further here we present you story of 4 hot Indian start-up. Who crossed all the obstacles and by their hard work reached an outstanding position today.



Ritesh Aggarwal is the mastermind behind Indian’s largest network of budget hotels. He says his childhood was similar to any small town kid but his dreams were always big. He always knew that he wants to become an entrepreneur. He started learning to code at a very young age of 8 years. At the age of 13, he sold sim cards to earn money. After completing his 12th from sacred heart school Orrisa, he moved to Kota Rajasthan to join IIT. Ritesh Agarwal was a travel enthusiast.

On weekends, he uses to travel and stay in PG’s and budget hotels with whatever pocket money he had. He uses to take an overnight train from Kota to Delhi almost every weekend to meet entrepreneurs. During such travels, he faced a lot of problems with budget hotels. So he decided to tackle the problem by starting his own business and launched Travel stays Pvt. Ltd. He quit college. Ritesh then traveled across the country to stay in different hotels to analyze the problem with budget hotels in depth. In this time he ran out of money and there was a time he was just left with RS 35 but he didn’t lose hopes. He won Theil fellowship and then he relaunched his brand to OYO ROOMS. The main aim was to provide budget-friendly hotels with all facilities. OYO Rooms received seed funding from some of the biggest investors such as Sequoia Capital India Advisors, Softbank group etc. Today OYO ROOMS is in the list of most valuable start-up by a person who never studied beyond school. It now has over 8500 hotels across 230 cities.

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Bhavesh the founder of ola cabs graduated from IIT Bombay in b.tech in computers. To chase his dream of becoming an entrepreneur he started an online company to sell short duration tours.

For his holiday and tour planning business, he had to travel from Bangalore to Bandipur, for which he used to rent a car. He had very bad experiences with rental cars. The drivers used to stop the car in the middle of the journey and were not mostly polite. This made him realized how his plight was probably similar to a lot of customers across the country that was looking for a quality cab service. He saw the potential that a cab booking service could have. As a result, he changed his business from his earlier start-up to the one we OlaCabs. This started in December 2010 where his co-founder Ankit Bhati joined in his start-up journey.

OlaCabs partnered with a number of Taxi Drivers and didn’t buy their own cars. People can book cars at short notice through call and from their app. They today have almost 4,000,000 cabs across the country. They offer a variety of car options Mini, Prime, Luxury – which can be paid for through the different modes



Supam Maheshwari unlike most of the entrepreneurs who first opt for employment directly jumped in the entrepreneurial journey. After he completed his post graduation from IIM, he launched Brainvisa technology in 2000 which became the largest e-learning solution globally in less than 8 years. He decided to sell his company to the US-based group income global services in 2007 and was a part of organization activities till 2009. During this time he becomes a father and because of his work he used to travel a lot to the U.S. and Europe. So he used to bring a lot of products for his newly born daughter as the quality of products available abroad was better and also because many of them were not available locally. He realized that there was a huge demand-supply gap in the domestic market for children-focused brands. When he researched further he found out that the kid’s industry in India has a turnover of around 50000 crore. So, he created a platform which easy access for quality baby and kids products for the parents. Supam along with his friend Amitava Saha started BrainBees Solutions. Then under BrainBees, they launched Firstcry.com in 2010. Today firstcry.com is Asia’s leading online portal dedicated to moms, babies, and kids

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Zivame is an online lingerie store that has rescued women from the awkward lingerie shopping experience. The woman behind this lingerie brand is Richa Kar. The journey of her was not very smooth. She was opposed by her parents who were embarrassed by her idea of selling lingerie. she crossed all the obstacles and by her hard work and determination, she builds zivame. Today zivame is worth more than 681 crores. Before starting her own startup, she was working as a retail consultant at Spencer retail and SAP.

The idea of zivame stroked her mind while she was working at SAP. During one of his assignments, she was asked to track the sales for an American brand victoria secret. She observed that the figures across the target but then she thought that there is no such market for Indian women. After taking enough knowledge in retail she decided to start something of her own. To get more insights into lingerie business, she visited many malls and shops. Finally, she launched her brand in 2011 with all her saving and borrowed rs35 lakhs. Initial days of her startup were very bad she faced criticism from people around. She didn’t lose hope and got her first client. Slowly her startup took pace and today zivame is India’s leading lingerie brand.




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