How to Take Your Business Online amid Corona

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There are billions of people looking for what you’ve to provide but your office will be quite crowded, a lot crowded if you expect them to reach there. There are hundreds of other reasons to have an online presence. Above everything, Coronavirus has upended our lives whilst melting down our businesses. Therefore, taking your business online amid Corona is the armor plate we need. 

Up until 1991, you did not need bots to crawl to up into your system, make someone click a button, know the technicalities of the internet, E-commerce, and E-marketing to run your business. 

As complicated as it may sound, it is not. Be it starting your own startup from scratch or marketing your existing business online. 

A step-by-step, detailed, and simplified guide to take your business online during COVID-19

Build an easy-to-use website that fills a need

When building a business website, especially for a new startup, the most common mistake is to focus more on your services than the target audience: the demographic that is looking for a solution to a problem (which your business solves). Once you know your audience, it is time to design your website.

Steps to build a website

  • (For a new start-up) Take time to name it and find a domain. Companies like GoDaddy,, and BlueHost can help you ease the registration. 
  • Buy a hosting package. It is the most important component, think of it as a place to live for your website. Here’s how: everything about hosting a website 
  • Update your website effortlessly with CMS (Content Management System). Some of the best CMS platforms are: 
  1. WordPress– It is a leading CMS platform due to its various easy-to-download plugins. 
  2. Joomla is known for its printable versions of blogs, polls, and pages. Also, it provides a fair control over your website. 
  3. Drupal is one of the hardest to learn. However, if you want extreme control over customizing your website, creating your website with Drupal is worth the time and effort. 
  4. Shopify- If you are working on an E-commerce website, Shopify is indispensable. It is an extensive shopping platform with a variety of free and paid design templates. 
  5. Microsoft dynamics 365– This system combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to increase profitability. To save you from confusion, this is not specifically a CMS platform but integrates with a third-party CMS while combining with all Microsoft products.  

Build a website

Once you have created the website, it is still uncooked. Here’s what to do…

  • Brand it. Make the brand stand by using the theme, logo, creating an ‘about us’ section, and writing a copy. 
  • Post regular, high-quality content. When it comes to blogs, it does not matter if your website is an E-commerce website, Media website, or simply a community website. Your audience needs to stay updated with everything that links your business with them. 
  • Install analytics. Analytics is to keep your eyes on the road when paddling your website. It tells you what your viewers like, which set of viewers prefer what content, and ease the overall tracking. 

Online marketing and advertisement

With the spread of Coronavirus, digital marketing is now more important than ever. It is difficult to keep the customers in the loop with products and services. However, a new path, a.k.a. Online advertisement is now cheaper and being explored progressively. 

In simpler words, the eyes on the content are numerous while online ads are decreasing due to lack of availability of businesses working during the pandemic. On that account, the rates of online ads are decreasing subsequently. 

Now is the best time to use a paid online advertisement and marketing to grow your business online. This should get you going… 

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  • Affiliate Marketing- This helps you to earn a commission by simply promoting other companies. 
  • Digital Marketing- Remember we created a website? It is time to deliver it to people. Digital marketing is the most important step to reach your audience.

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  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- It goes without saying, SEO is the fuel to drive your business online. If you haven’t already, learn the basics or hire an SEO expert to run your business online. 
  • Content Marketing- This is like a neglected, hidden gem step-daughter. You don’t know why to use content marketing so you mostly don’t. If you run a blog, you must know how to market it in order to increase traffic and conversion rates. 

Create podcasts and video tutorials 

Videos for online business _entrepreneurskillhub

As most of us are a sucker for audio and video content, this quarantine due to the virus has sure increased its value. 

Most of us know content is the king of the website, but the catch which only a few of us have figured out is- the type of content. We all want the fastest way to learn new things, stay entertained, or receive products and services. With the spare time provided to all of us due to the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, many want to learn new languages, skills, and art while others have the capabilities to teach. 

Your business, keeping customer satisfaction in mind, can reach a whole new demographic by simply providing them the content with more convenience(podcasts) and more detailed(videos). The easiest part, not much is required to starts: a recorder, a camera, and authentic, useful, and consistent content that will attract your target audience while building a better customer relationship. 

Roll with Medium and Quora

While at Medium you get detailed and trustworthy information, Quora acts like a community where you will find real answers coming from real experiences. In addition to these, both the platform allows anyone and everyone to post their content and thus market your business or product. 

These platforms can get you some early traffic to get your online business going. However, make sure the content you post does not act as a guilt buying and mere promotional activity for your website. Provide honest and useful insights to leave a good first impression on the reader and attracting them to your website. Use keywords you have targeted, and create a single link that will easily take the reader to your site. 

Help others 

In these times of crisis, it can not be emphasized enough how much we need to help each other. While giving an online pedestal to your business, build a ladder for others to reach. 

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Giveaway or reduce the prices of your online tools, products, or services. Your customers will see the effort and there can not be a better time to maximize your goodwill. 

If not monetary benefits, you will get more viewers and word sure spreads, that has its own advantages.   

Stories to inspire:– This Bangalore based start-up stirred the whole market by using technology and online advertisement. This company is the perfect example of ‘starting small, reaching stars,’ while keeping their brand and target audience in mind they diversified to,, and all under its main umbrella, What makes is even better is its process- all with a single app on your fingertips. 

My Custome Candy– This is a rather strange and interesting company. It started with a woman named, Sarah Hannington, looking for some personalized candies and ended up making her own, and succeeded.  

With that being said, however bizarre you think your idea is, you can run your own company with the right online presence and marketing. 



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