How To Start a Blog In 2019


Nothing is satisfactory than having a hobby which can earn you. Writing is bliss and when people can gain knowledge from what you write it is beneficial for yourself and others as well. It is a two way street of knowledge and earnings for both readers and writers. Blog writing is one of the best ways to generate some passive income and at the same time get in touch with like-minded people. So why not to give it a try!
Here is a list of few tips that can help you start an effective blog-

Deciding the blog’s name

The first thing that has to be done for starting an earning blog is deciding a blog’s name. The name should be appealing, related to what content to put in the blog and the easiness to remember. The foremost thing to consider in mind is that the name should not at any cost be difficult to remember or too complicated. Well, a lot lies in the name of the blog.

Connecting to a hosting provider

This is the technical aspect. As the world is getting digital; it is important to keep in pace with the web world. Connecting to a blog hosting service is the prerequisite of starting a blog. A lot of options of hosting routes which charge a minimal amount for this kind of services are available in the market. There are a lot of free routes for opting as well but the life of the hosting and expiry date have to consider before opting for this way.

A blogging platform

A content management system is where anyone writes, designs and publishes the write-ups of the blog. The most writer-friendly platform which allows you to customize as per your needs is the best choice. The most popular platform these days is WordPress. This is where writing and editing are considered the easiest and user-friendly.

The flow of the blog

This is the most thought about aspect. What goes in the mind of the writer is depicted through the window of the writer’s blog. Readers decide to continue to read the other blogs of the same writer based on the first write up posted on the blog. There exists a lot of spheres of writing like series based writing, situational writing, stories, real-life events, micro tales etc that usually binds the reader’s mind. The content has to be kept on uploading on a consistent basis and of a similar nature. This increases the user’s interest in the blog. This section generates and binds the readers to the blog.

Essential pages

a list of all pages that unavoidably be present on the landing page of the blog comprises the essential pages of the blog. The about, contact, connect etc are usually the liked features of the blog. These all add up to the richness and essentiality of the blog. A person lending on the first page should himself or herself be able to direct to any section of his or her liking. The more sorted the blog is; the more it binds the users of the blog.

Publishing and promoting and marketing schedule

The content publishing should be consistent. Regularity attracts the reader base and a fixed schedule helps to create excitement for the next write up. Adhering to a fixed promotional schedule for popularising the content is a good strategic move. Marketing is indispensable these days. If you skip this it is sure that you are a step back in the rat race these days. To gain an added edge over others it is unavoidable to spend some bucks on this.

Hope this helps a bit for writing and later earning.

Go ahead make money!



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