How To Quit Your 9 To 5 Job

How To Quit your 9 to 5 job_entrepreneurskillhub

Who likes to wake up in the morning, not because you wish to go for a morning walk or enjoying yoga in the lovely breeze, just because you have to explain your project to your senior for a presentation in the board room? It sounds hurtful but true! So many of us living in a metropolitan city are becoming monotonous and robotic towards our work culture! And let’s not forget about the youth migrating to a fancy looking city just to work in some KPO and spoiling their health and diet because of the night shift convincing and selling they have to do!

I am not saying that it isn’t important to grow in the work culture, but my only concern is: For How Long? Working as employees and waiting for the salary to be credited on every 5thof the month is what you wish to live for? Or is it something you wish to waste your passion and talent for? How about seeing some fluctuations of a six-figure amount in your account for your talent? What about you snatching 80% of the profit that the firm earned because of your hard work? How about you playing golf every Sunday with your prospective client and earn millions than just knocking on the door and specifying properties of your products? Still having thoughts not  to quit your 9 To 5 job.

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I am talking about Being Your Own Boss!  If you know all the tactics required to run the business, then all you have to do is Quit your 9 To 5 job! As a matter of fact, as per the economic survey conducted by RBI in the year 2015, there were more than 15,000 start-ups that were licensed in the field of Information Technology. Here you go! That’s your first step of motivation towards your own dreams!

To start or not to start!

Initiating for your business and your concept hand over the entire power of decision and control in your hand. Your entire career takes a 360-degree change where you do not even have to wait for a small penny salary to be transferred in your account. That’s when you become entrepreneurs from employees.

However, the dilemma of unsuccessful business and losing the investment is a major factor that creates friction why people do not wish to become their own BOSS! But if you act smart and research beforehand, you can create miracles. All you have to grab is the knowledge of touching the soft and desperate nerves of the clients/consumers. Once your strategy is clear, you won’t be bounded with any limitation.

Let me assist you with essential factors that will help you Quit your 9 To 5 job life and become the boss of your passion:

Be clear on your goal

It is important to have a clear goal in your head as to what you really wish to earn from your idea and concept. And once that is clear, let the law of attraction do its magic!

Grab every opportunity you can!

Being specific with your needs of the clients might just kick you out of the game. And thus, initially, it is essential to grab from every inch of opportunity you can realize.

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Be among the motivators and challenges

Having friends around you who are not confident in your idea, and rather criticize you are never going to bring any revenue in your account. And that’s why; always keep you surrounded by those who are young entrepreneurs and motivators. Challenge yourself with every hurdle and speed breaker to breakthrough your stoppage.

Do not fall for an unrealistic idea and run behind cloudy dreams. It is vital to understand the need for our prospects and how realistically you can solve the same. And once that is clear you will eventually come out with a procedure that will be influenced not only to your clients but to your competitors as well. BE POSITIVE! Come on! Everyone is just going to chant these words to you. But do not listen to them. All you have to remember is: Everything in life happens FOR you and not TO you!



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