How to make money online without paying anything in 2019.

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Well, who doesn’t want to earn? That too without paying anything? It is probably the unspoken common dream of all the human beings around the economies. Get this money making tips without paying a penny to us as well… oh yeah, you can thank us later.

Here is the list of all the things you can try for earning money by not actually paying anything at all for earning it.

Sell courses online

Make online academic courses and sell them in a handsome amount. This will help the students looking for alternate career options and have to opt for online measures to study. Of course, it requires expert knowledge in the respective field and only then you can encash it. You can use Udemy to sell your own course.


If you have a hobby of writing this is the best way to earn some cash.  Choose a topic of your choice and start researching and writing about it. People who prefer to enrich their brain with new inputs on a daily basis your blog can act as a brain does for them.


It is that lifestyle where you do not limit yourself to a  single company or association and works freely on a project to project or assignment to assignment basis for many business entities. The payment is per project basis.  This is a great way to earn some extra cash in spare time. The skills you have do not get limited to just one enterprise and so is your income source. You can also check out these side business ideas while working full time.

Virtual assistant

In this fast-growing economy, the world is becoming a global village. Though many are learning to keep in pace with the economy there is still a big lot that needs help for performing activities online.  By being a virtual assistant you can help others who need technical advice and at the same time get paid for your help. Virtual help is often taken from people who provide full confidence with respect to safety, security, and guidance. So better ensure that all these aspects are covered while providing this service.


This sector is widely gaining popularity with the advent of YouTube’s revenue model. This model demands little investment at the same time is a fruitful one. If this method gains popularity it can fetch gold. There is no limit for earning in this sector. There are millions of videos which are being uploaded on a daily basis. They get a million views and thousands of viewers worldwide. Once your work gets popular many venturers will themselves get associated with you.

Social media management

The managing presence of various brands is something that may fetch money. Brand creation and management are becoming a point of concern for many major entities. As much as they spend in creating the brand the same amount is spent on managing the social media handles of the brands. A good PR and managing social profiles is a risky job. One wrong move and the whole goodwill is at stake. So better be careful in this aspect while providing this service.

Website management

Web presence is extremely crucial in today’s world. As the world is growing and everyone is making moves to expand worldwide website making is the first thing they do to allow people to get connected to others. A website is a window by which the world peeps in the business so people take efforts to make it as beautiful as possible. And of course, they do not mind spending money on it. This can help you earn very beautifully.



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