How To Generate Publicity For Free ?

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Publicity basically means spreading awareness about your product or services via media. Often one finds himself in a pickle while allocating funds for publicity. As it is a strategic procedure that works around building your brand image. One needs to be evaluative and efficient while planning out the publicity campaigns as the market today provides varying options. Only a well-updated analyst can hack her way into publicity and build a platform for the brand with no expenses. So here are a few hacks that you need to know to help you get started.


First and foremost you need to make your place on the internet. The easiest and the most adopted option is that of a website. Websites can be easily created for free on the internet today. There are many platforms you can choose from like WordPress, Blogger, Medium etc.  Get started on a blog and be precise about what you want the viewers to know because today, everyone Googles the profile before opting the product and the services.  That being said, list your business on Google My Business in order to keep your reputation among the potential viewers and also to keep them updated with your business.

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Any association with awards of grades always adds to your brand so why not exploit your options? The key is to be very efficient about the product or services you provide. Stick to your unique selling points and try to be the best at it and then you’ll find your brand gaining top ratings. For instance, you might’ve noticed the top-rated restaurants on food apps like Zomato and Swiggy. These ratings are the major source of publicity for these restaurants and also are the reason behind the sales hike. So, list your business on the available platforms and make use of the awards and rating options.


India consists of a maximum young-adult population and these are the most aware age group that played a major role in accepting or rejecting the changes in the society. One should take this into consideration and opting for brand ambassador is one way of doing so. Even the major developed companies have students across college campuses endorsing their products and services. It’s an efficient way of spreading the word without having to deal with the expenses.


Nothing surpasses word of mouth recommendations. No matter how advanced technology gets or how product-centric the publicity strategies get, it all comes down to how your customers feel. This is one of the oldest publicity criteria that goes with the service itself, so it’s important to cater to the needs and satisfaction of the customers. Uber, Airbnb are few examples of successful business ventures that gained rapid popularity among its users and could penetrate the market because of their customer referrals. Customers own networking and hold the power to make or break your business.


Today, the world is only a click away. Everything is now on the internet and one can create an empire with the efficient use of social media tools. Traditional marketing like newspaper and radio are risky and the return on investment is always a doubtful figure. Every business firm, big or small, are now gearing on to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc to reach out to their customers.

Ranges of options are available within the social media that one can adapt to carry forward their business ideas. Cross promotions, collaborations, and shout outs are just to name a few. Tune into one of the fastest growing marketing and publicity platforms by featuring on the social media websites for top-notch outcomes with zero expenses incurred.

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The main focus is to stimulate the interest of the customers towards your product or services and that is exactly what content marketing does. One revolutionary example of content marketing is that of Malboro around the 1970s when Richard Nixon signed an agreement to ban cigarettes. It was then that the industry came to know about cigarettes leading to lung cancer and when all the competitors panicked, Malboro took a different approach to it and introduced the Malboro man. This changed the perception of cigarettes among people. Malboro’s target market was the women population until 1970 when it changed its approach by introducing Malboro man and then on cigarettes was associated with manhood and strength. It was one of the smartest content strategies of the generation.


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