How to drive growth through customer support

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“How am I supposed to understand the bugs in my laptop?”, “I wish I knew how to sync my television with my play station?”

What if there was no customer support provided to any purchase to do? Think about the ruckus you will be facing at a first place when you know nothing about gadget installations.

And that’s why customer support is as important as the purchase of any product or service. And not just customer support, but a GOOD and SATISFACTORY customer support is what is going to change the entire game here. But once your customer support is turned BAD, you might have to pay more than just money: it will be the reputation of your brand that will be played!

The fact cannot be changed that the products or services that we buy require some attention once in a while when you actually wish to be tech genius in that matter! I know it has happened to me for sure! But I am relieved when I know I have the customer support for my products.

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But what if you are not that at the consumer side but at the supplier side? Sometimes, many entrepreneurs hope not to invest money and time in customer support.  But believe me; it the worst idea you can come across. You need to provide customer support as it helps in driving the growth of your firm as well.

Let’s understand how!

Accept the criticism politely

If you are going to fight with your customers on to who actually broke the phone, it is highly advised to accept the criticism and blame patiently. Because one angry customer and pull away 50 potential prospects with them, but one happy customer can bring 50 potential prospects happily. We all know it’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it? Keep them happy and welcome new customers.

Provide them training

If you are open to investing a little on teaching your customer on how to operate your service or product, they highly appreciate the same. It helps in measuring better customer satisfaction. You can launch ongoing training programs as post and pre-customer support and let it create the magic for you!

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Invest in the latest technology

One can understand the same with an instance: Let’s say you bought fashion jewelry from a fashion retail store. You love the jewelry and wish to showcase the same to the world. So why not give a platform to your customer to realize the same on your online portal. You can upload their photos with a note of thanks they wrote for you. That’s what you quote, “Bringing technology for better use!”

And well that’s just one instance; investing in technology will help you with better exposure to the potential clients which help in driving growth.

Conduct measurable surveys

In order to drive towards better growth, it is important to take your customer support seriously. One of the factors to measure the same is by conducting different surveys.

  • Whether or not, your consumers are still happy customers or not
  • Do they expect any changes in your store or service quality?
  • How happy are they after being married to our company for 6 years?
  • Are we giving them VIP treatment for being so loyal to our brand or not?

Believe me or not: If you perform a survey among your customers considering such a question in your mind, you might come across some mind-blowing ideas to improve your customer support. And then, nothing can stop you from reaching to better heights of growth. Sometimes all that your customer wants is a little better treatment that they deserve!



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