How to become an Instagram influencer?


Social media is a way of interacting with masses at a wide level in a short span of time. The era belongs to entrepreneurs who can make the most of the social platforms. Instagram is a powerful tool that can influence a wide variety of brands and carries the power to impact the value of brands as well. Instagram has to be operated in a very prudent way like other mediums of social media interaction as it can make or break the deal in fractions.

It approximately has its reach to around 800 million people who actively use Instagram. This hints that the brands must see this medium as a platform for reaching their targeted customers. Instagram can majorly impact their choices.

The people are actually getting indulged in making their choices based on the recommendations on the Instagram. We cannot deny that the growing popularity of this social media platform has made all of us join this platform as well. Quoting a fact, the Influence Central found that the Instagram Influencers are the 6TH most effective in influencing consumers.

So if you want to influence people through the Instagram this article is for you. Though there cannot be a definitive pattern for doing the same yet the following points can be borne in mind for creating an effective influence via the Instagram-

Business account

This is a precondition for becoming an Instagram influencer. You have to develop the account in a professional manner. The celeb status of being an Instagram Influencer shall cost you waving off the personal and professional Insta life. By using the business account you can know the status of the crowd pulling posts and the insights of the followers can also be viewed. The benefits of using the business account can also be reaped in the way that you can also get the demographic information about the followers. The Instagram’s guide to getting started.

Knowledge and passion

Following a trend is easy but making a trend is hard. One should not follow a thing just because it is trendy and generates more followers. You have to generate your followers by talking about the subject you love. Your passion shall enhance your knowledge which shall lead to setting your own trend. You can handle your niche in a better way if you are passionate about it.


Your first introduction to the user is your bio. You will have to make every attempt to make it appealing. It must talk for itself and must engage people in the story. A noteworthy bio is as important as the content you are going to share. Most of the successful influencers include the details in the name field only; thus enabling themselves to be found in relative ‘searches’ . 30 words bio can really change your Instagram world.


Surely stories move the Instagram world. The more unique and eye-catching your story is the more it pulls the crowd. An effective story engages people and they curiously wait for your next post. So, one should be very selective in posting the stories and should make a point that the stories are related to one and other.


If you head for being an influencer you must keep this point in bold and italics in your mind. Your feed must be strictly adhering to your theme and at the same time must not be boring. The composition of what you post and how you post must be in a particular pattern only. Posts should be made in such a pattern that if anywhere it is seen it can be recognized that the post belongs to you.


This is yet another factor that drives people. To develop a loyal base it is important that the consistency is maintained. You must choose when you will post. It can be any interval of time but must be religiously followed. The frequency of posts shall be decided to keep in mind some realistic parameters but once decided it must be adhered to. A long gap makes you fade away from the memory of followers.


Usage of correct hashtags is a boon. These can attract the otherwise not paying attentive audiences as well. The hashtags of similar kinds are frequently checked by the interested people. They have the power of generating traffic from that source which is not even checking your account quite often. Hashtags have a wide reach and one or more hashtags must be regularly used in all your post. You may find many tools that are helpful for generating just the perfect hashtags for your posts. You may try the following amongst many available ones-Hashtags for likes, Instagram Tags

These are some tried and tested tricks. Hope these work for you as well. Good luck you future Instagram Influencer.


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