Entrepreneurship or Corporate Jobs?

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This has been a topic of debate for decades now, but clearly if we look closely we will find that we are living in a world where we tend to work for an idea rather than creating one, Generally Speaking!! Before giving an insight on this topic I would like to put up my understanding of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Job to utterly distinctive words yet similar in their own ways.


It is all about creating an idea, molding it and implementing it to make something work and then taking people along on a visionary path to quench their thirst for passion and creativity, basically entrepreneurs as artists. On the other hand, corporate jobs in usual words are considered “SLAVERY” why do we even call it that??? Because a majority of people find it like a churning wheel where we devote 10-12 hours of our precious day and the remaining hours we spend realizing that it’s not worth it.

Don’t get me wrong here I am not saying that all corporate jobs sucks but usually they all do because they fail to cater the most important human need that is the need of Self-actualization or self-realization the need that defines your “CALLING”, that tells you that you can do more and you can do it on your own, that is why this need is on the top of the famous Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Pyramid.

The Difference here is that when you are working as corporate slaves, sorry! I mean as a corporate employee you are not the Craftsman, you don’t give birth to an idea but you work for an idea once thought by someone else, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative or can generate ideas as a corporate employee, probably in this case you will be watering someone else’s plant.

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In corporate jobs you gradually become the decision maker, you climb up the hierarchal ladder and reach out at the top management, but somehow when you are an entrepreneur you are your own BOSS, you are on the top of the ladder from the beginning “Sounds Awesome”, yeah! Sure it does but the authority brings out so many responsibilities at one go. So if we try to weigh these two and analyze their pros and cons you will find it somehow in balance yet so in versus.

Let’s get real here, let’s go easy and say the actual things that we have seen and experienced at some point our lives if we have been part of any of these two groups. Like in my view I would like to talk about their differences on four fronts,

Personal Front

Economical Front

Social Front

‘What everyone thinks’ front



On personal front Entrepreneurs are believed to be more satisfied because they went for an idea in which they believed in big or small. They decided to be their own bosses Satisfying isn’t it). On the other hand as  a corporate professional you have a boss who always depends on you, who usually takes away all your credit and still never forgets to make you realize that you have ample of potential and how you need to improve yourself, trust me on every Appraisal Day that’s the first line you will hear.


If we explore the Economic Front of this topic we will find that even the Government is supporting entrepreneurship because ultimately it will put some ointment on the already gruesome bruise of unemployment that our country is facing currently. We even experienced a phase in which even Pakora selling “was considered as entrepreneurship by our political leaders, so you can imagine our plight and how much we are in need of this sword to kill some deep-rooted problems of unemployment. It’s true that corporate jobs are highly paid and definitely contribute to the GDP of our country but the question is will this fix the rising problem of unemployment and disappointment of qualified youth?


Coming on to the social front of this topic, I know that this might not be related to this topic directly but I think for the enlightenment of the real cause behind unemployment and why it is considered important in today’s scenario, this side needs to be explored. Most of the corporate jobs require you to be well experienced, well versed and capable beyond your capabilities but to fulfill all such requirements ironically you need a job experience which is already scarce.

Every Graduate passing out every year have their own potential and capabilities but still they don’t qualify the glorified standards and benchmarks set by these corporate giants, let’s be real we all are not privileged to get educated in such a way to live up to pretentious scale of these organizations and even to get education for that matter in many cases, does that mean we don’t deserve to work for corporates and are left with entrepreneurship? Who and what is to be questioned our education system or our upbringing? God knows!


The last criteria for comparison are “What is the common Perception around” like when a highly paid corporate employee leaves his/her job to start a firm, people complain because they think this is Vulnerable and insecure and that everything will fall apart. As we are so habitual of the Comfortable lives that we don’t want to break the monotony, our hand are cuffed in Golden Handcuffs of our well-paid jobs, our only source of EMI Payments, Our escape to an unknown destination on Weekends calling it traveling, that we cannot let go and forget that it’s taking away lot more than its paying us.

No matter how trapped we feel we will stay there with the entire stress and workload, we shelf our stress day by day making it even worse. Let’s not assume that entrepreneurs don’t have that much amount of stress they have it even more, but when you start something on your own you are willing to take chances, you wouldn’t mind skipping a meal or pilling off an all-nighter because you wanted it this way, something made up of your own blood and sweat, something you aspired and it became a reality, it’s your Baby as you call it. There will be times when you will feel things are not working out but trust me everything will eventually fall into place.


So you can clearly conclude that in my opinion entrepreneurs deserve all the praise because they take risks and walk on the unexplored paths.




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