How Digital Identification Can Curb Fake Social Media Accounts

How Digital Identification Can Curb Fake Social Media Accounts_entrepreneurskillhub

Social media is both a curse and a boon for the economy. A study from pew research concluded that 62 percentages of people get their news from social media. Also, 18 percent of people are getting news often from here. This research shows the impact of media in society. Often what is posted online is recognized as truth. Recently many of the fake news is spread through social media. Especially these days when India elections are on the head there is more danger of it.

Actions are taken to keep social media safe from hackers. Also, efforts are made to maintain their credibility.

Despite all, today internet security is facing one of the biggest challenges of fake digital identities. Minors are using social media accounts with fake identification. Usually, Fake Social Media Accounts are made with wrong fraud information. This is due to the lack of presence of a proper system to verify age and identity. Verified digital identification can solve half of the problems.

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Looking at the increasing crimes from fake identification it’s time to take action and reduce this forgery. The main two problems that need to get solved by fake identification are

 Secure and Robust age verification online

Online age verification has become a major challenge for developers of social media. Over the past few years, regulators are continuously taking actions to implement this. It has become a serious issue. Many minors have been taking advantage of this weak system. This resulted in minors having access to information that is inappropriate for their age.

All the social media platforms are using a mere tick box where you have to say you’re the appropriate age. Usually, minors are writing the wrong age and falsifying regulators. Children below ten years of age also have social media accounts. Access to social media at this young age can hamper the mental health of children. Their accessibility to inappropriate content can make them mature before age also.

Recently a social networking site Yuba has partnered with a digital identity company to flag accounts of misstated age.

All media platforms should be more careful and find a way to report accounts with incorrect ages.

Verified digital identities

Due to lack of verified digital identities, many fraudulent make a Fake Social Media Accounts. The ratios of fake accounts are increasing day by day. This is mostly more common on dating sites. Many fake profiles are made and then they try to impersonate someone. This way leads innocent people to suffer.

Often Fake Social Media Accounts are made with wrong Personal details. These details are then used to trap decent people.

The online platforms are misused.

Therefore protecting and securing the identity of the users are very important.

This way we can protect underage users who make an account with a false identity. The malicious content can also be Avoid if identity is verified. This will reassure the identity of the people we meet online. A safe and secure network can be assured for dater.

Also, fake identities can curb by online trolling. Much fake new are spread through these accounts. This develops a negative impact on the audience. The spread of news which may not be true can lead to many problems.

This trick is also used by parties during elections to degrade each other. Thus protecting social media from fake identity is very important. Social media developers should pay more attention to these problems.





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