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Google has always been the trendsetter in the digital world. The entity has been creating a technological remark that remains unparalleled. It has become the synonym for searching the data on the internet. Normally, when one needs to search for any piece of information we say, ”let us Google it”. The company has been continuously in the process of setting benchmarks and raising its own bar by its next move. Now again, the company is in process of establishing another trend by starting knowledge imparting courses. This technological giant not just aims to launch productive courses but shall also train the candidates. This should be taken as a majorly impacting step for the digital world as this will enable more resourceful and better equipped working professionals.

Google has been providing information without taking a penny from its users. Recently, the generous Google has contributed even more by initiating free educative programs for all the career enthusiasts. Google has come up with a lot many educative courses that too without any charge. The entity has joined hands with the online education providing platform Udacity for providing courses which are helpful in shaping the careers of the professionals.
These two entities have earlier worked as well in the field of career-shaping and started a course on a trial basis named, ‘Networking for Career Success’ in the month of March. Udacity also provided scholarships towards the course to members of the ‘Grow with Google’ program. This was a highly celebrated venture and has opened gates for more of such programs in the near future.

Inspired by the success of this the companies have decided to take their partnership venture to another level. This partnership is further expanding to make its reach to the general public by launching a lot many courses for the betterment of career of trained working professionals and inexperienced ones as well. The partnership is aimed to launch 11 courses and all free to be joined by the students. The entity focuses on enhancing the skills of the candidates in order to make them stand out from the crowd and enable them to have better job opportunities.
The courses launched by Google are open for enrolling by anyone and shall be an unprecedented offer. The knowledge base of the company shall be shared beyond the otherwise famous SEARCH and shall be a great help for all kinds of learners.

The association of these two entities has opened gates of fruitful and productive learning to various candidates opting for the course. Various fields that essentially result oriented and remain comparatively unexplored have been covered under this educative scheme. The courses that have been offered are resume and cover letter writing, interviewing for technical roles involving Python and Swift, front-end development, virtual reality, Android and iOS, personal branding and more. The entire digital world looks up to these courses with high hopes.

The courses shall help in becoming more efficient and job ready which in turn shall present a stronger candidature of the professional who has taken this course as compared to others.
Apart from Udacity, Google has also collaborated with Coursera and launched certificate courses for around 10,000 students. Google has worked with both these entities to launch career-oriented courses and technical classes that vary from Introduction to programming and IT skills, machine learning courses.

These all ventures by Google hints that the company is serious for improving the standards of learning of professionals and may launch similar programs in future as well.

In totality, this can be seen as an amazing opportunity to upgrade the talent by the ones who are willing to work in the digital world and should not be delayed in taking advantage.  It is an amazing chance to enhance the working capability and that too from the biggest player in the digital world.


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