5 body language tricks that can help you earn a million dollars



Your body language shapes who you are’’-Amy Cuddy Your body language is non-verbal communication you do. They reflect your values. They help the other person to know how you are as a person. Good body language helps you appear more confident and optimistic. It gives an assurance about your abilities or qualities.
A good body language can help you exceed in life and can make you successful. These unspoken words can tell a lot about you. Here we present you 5 body signs that can help you earn a million dollars

Smile more often

A smile is a powerful tool. A person who smiles more is said to be more likable by others. A smile helps you form new relationships with people easily. People respond much better to positive emotions than to negative emotions. Smiling often can also help you achieve business goals faster. The first goal is to make you liked by the client. Thus smiling can make you look likable and achieve his trust in you. Your facial expression is the first thing that is noticed. So always keep a smiling face. Keeping a smiling face will tell others that you are trustworthy.

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Use hand gestures  

Our hand gestures are linked to speech.Use of your hands while talking is very important. It helps in conveying your thoughts more expressively. It helps in making the conversation smoother. Taking with hands help others to understand you better. You can also make your point more clear. These small hand gestures have a big impact. This tells the other person that what’s in our mind and tells our emotions. It also reveals the information that is absent in the speech.

Maintaining eye contact

When you maintain eye contact with a person it tells the other person that you are interested in. It indicates that you are paying attention and listening to what another person is saying and shows the other person that you are trustworthy, honest, and sincere. It also makes you look confident and powerful. When you maintain eye contact with people you make yourself look more attracted to another person.

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 Don’t cross your arms

Crossing arms indicates that you are not confident. Showing that you are confident tell the other person that you have optimism to go after difficult things with a belief that you can achieve them. Crossing your arms is a gesture of defensiveness. You may cross your arms when you feel vulnerable and insecure. It conveys that you are feeling awkward and wants to protect yourself. It is an unconscious barrier you form. When you are talking to someone and the other crosses his arms. This tells that you said or did something that the person felt a need to protect him.

Break nervous habits

Let’s understand first what are nervous habits? When you display signs of anxiety such as biting nails, crossing legs or touching your face, etc. these habits are often annoying to people around you. These show that you are not confident enough. A nervous habit shows your mental state of mind. If you exhibit nervous habits during a business meeting or a deal, it may make others think that you cannot be trusted and are not capable of taking the risk. You need to spot these nervous habits and finish them. They can become a barrier to your success.


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