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So here’s the deal, the crowd is dynamic today and you need to understand how demanding advertising and branding is. It is the sole element that makes and breaks your position in the market. Customers today comprehend your products not on the product itself but how you present it to them and where your company stands on the social issues. One wrong move and you’re up for a lasting struggle to keep your customers at bay. It’s all about how you portray yourself in the market.

Taking a Stand

Nike crashed the social media when it backed Colin Kaepernick and its market came crashing down in the first few days. A week later it reached a record high with an increase in sales by 30% and an exceptional hike in the brand value. The campaign is as controversial as it seemed, in the beginning, turned out to be an essential element for the company’s growth. It is essential for every firm to understand the importance of conviction for the stands they take and the image they produce. It all comes down to how you stick to your vision through all the sticks and stones.

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The right content for the campaign

The advertising platform tests creativity and is one of the most essential forums of educating the mass about values and opinions. With the right content and effective execution, one can not only promote products but can also reach the much needed social awareness. Ariel’s #sharetheload campaign questions the orthodoxy behind the upbringing of children in our society and spreads the awareness of equality among the sexes.

Creativity is the key to successful marketing

Audi’s super bowl commercial is the epitome of smart advertising and it goes without saying how efficient they have been in spreading the awareness about their upcoming models. The campaign illustrates the e-Tron GT concept which will be adopted by 1/3 of all the upcoming Audi models by 2025. The models are still under progress but Audi has already successfully captured the market’s interests with prospective buyers who are eagerly waiting for the launch. The vision and mind behind the commercial is a well-planned strategy that breaks the creative grounds in all spheres.

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Internal focus group analysis

Amazon might be trending towards being the market monopoly but it sure has a downside when it comes to employee satisfaction. Amazon workers have been complaining about the punishing work hours and the works norms that hold down their basic amenities. Bernie Sanders and other leaders like Sen. Elizabeth Warren have shown concerns regarding the working conditions of the workers and have addressed the need for improvements for the same. Amazon being the market leader attracts negative press because of their conflicting attitude towards their workers. No amount of marketing and campaigning will get rid of these issues unless the employees are treated with dignity.

Change is constant and the market ever so demanding, it is thus, very crucial for companies to be vigilant about the decisions they make. It’s time to get back to basics to build up visions that build your company’s image and help it sustain in the dynamics of the unfolding events. Mention below your ideas and opinions about your favorite campaigns and how you think sets them apart from the rest.


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