6 Steps To Grow Your Business Using Instagram

Steps to grow your business using instagram_entrepreneurskillhub

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Find yourself squint in search of your phone? Here’s what you do next, like an impulse you switch on your data and as the door to the web opens, the first notification your fingers hunt is of Instagram. Even before your consciousness, the Instagram’s all up and about to show you what you want to get you outta bed.

When was the last time you opened the TOI notification or found yourself reading a magazine? Tell me you realize that was yesterday’s news and now the world’s on Instagram and even without your knowledge it has been updating you with all the important things to keep you at par with the world. So here’s the deal, why only be an observer? Why not make use of it and make your seconds on the Instagram count. I mean Trevor Noah is out there promoting his news channel just so he can get the people to tune into it.

IG’s a massive advertising platform which is just waiting for you to discover it. Remember the 8th grade English teacher? She now has her own bakery and makes a fortune out of it. Wait how do you think I know about it? The Instagram, obviously. She’s even got outlets now. Come on! It’s time you give it a shot. All you got to do is switch to a business account. This, my fellow IGers is the entrepreneur revolution of the generation, any and everything’s available on Instagram today.

Let’s get you started.

Discovering your Instagram forte

The first thing you got to do is to figure out what you can contribute to the mass. You need to be clear about your forte and come up with a blueprint to execute the same. There already exist an established lot of people who are leading the trend on the ‘gram which makes it easier for you to draw inspiration but at the same time it increases competition and keeps you on the edge.

USP (Unique selling point)

Marketing 101. Once you’ve decided what you want to portray, you need to come up with your unique selling point. There are thousands of people with the same interests on Instagram and they too are providing similar deals, which is why you need to come up with something solid that makes the viewers prefer you over the rest of them. Take the example of Bretman Rock, a kid from the Philippines who now owns his own fashion merchandise and is an internet sensation. With 11.3m followers, he is now one of the most established fashion bloggers on Instagram. What makes him different you might ask? His authenticity. That’s his USP. There are people who are constantly throwing shades at him for his wild ways but he always stuck to his roots and presented himself for who he is. Which brings me back to the point, find your USP and let it own you. This, my friend, is how you derive the interface for your users. If  you wish to be an  Instagram influencer you can check our blog on How to become an Instagram influencer


Here’s where you embark your inputs. You need to be careful about what you present to the world. Be clear about your product or idea and make sure to keep it small, informative and casual, nobody wants an uptight closed content with a description about the background of your ideas, they want outputs that meet their anticipations. One major point to keep in mind while presenting the content is the interests of your viewers. You need to analyze what portion of the age group makes up a majority of your subscribers and plan accordingly. There’s no going back if you mess this up, so you need to be observant about it.


Once you’re done with your content, you’re all set to launch. Put up your best ideas and let them an ace. It might not be an immediate hit but don’t let that hold you back; it’s just another part of the bigger picture. Show the world who you are and make a penny out of it while you’re at it.


Boosting your Instagram traffic

Reviews and tags tend to make up the majority of the advertisings. So use the Insta-live and IGtv option to review ideas and advance your user frontier. Also, make use of the insta story option to keep your viewers engaged; this happens to be a major player in driving the traffic from your stories to your Instagram posts. Capture the popular ideas, ones that are in the trend and make sure to own it by giving your opinion and alternates about the same.


Keep posting and let us know about your Instagram success stories on the comments down below. Also, let us know if there’s anything specific you want us to cover for our future posts.
Keep posting. Cheers!



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