With the advancement of competition and technology, entrepreneurship has
become a survival art. An art of excellence! Only those who use their resources
in the most judicious manner shall be the show stopper. Best of business
practices coupled with right kind of marketing can hit the bull’s eye. Digital marketing trends will help you achieve the right goal.

Marketing is an approach that steadily makes the place in the minds of people,
and effective marketing is something that directly touches the heart of people.

Technology has given many digital babies who are doing wonders in the
marketing world. Digital marketing is the most effective and latest tool in trend
these days. The reach of the digital world is to even the interior of the interiors.  It is equally accessible to classes and masses. There are many creative digital
marketing tools other than the traditional ones (like the search engine
optimization, digital advertisements, paid promotions, advertisement push-ups
and link pop-ups) which promise to own the digital marketing trend of 2018.

Let us have a look on them, on by one-

 Video

The video trend is something that gives a lot of hope to the
marketing world. With the induction of animations and designs, a
powerful message is conveyed in a little time. Video making for
promoting the idea of the business and later the products of the
business has become the new talk of the town. Videos find their places
in almost every social site right from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,
Snapchat, Quora to LinkedIn and of course the Youtube.

 Mobile marketing

Needless to highlight the importance of mobile
marketing since most of us would be reading this on the screens of our
mobile only. Major traffic on Google and Facebook is mobile traffic, it is
tempting for anyone to approach the huge client base via marketing
through mobile. Permission-based SMS text marketing, click to call, 1
touch purchasing are some of the tools that are used in the mobile

 Live videos+

Another eye-catching and innovative tool that is streaming
hot these days is the live video making. Several entities use it to increase
the interaction with the customer, give them a sneak peek or to create
curiosity in the mind of people as to see what is in pipeline of the entity.

 Chatbots

The one thing digital marketing was lacking earlier can
definitely be the buyer and seller’s personal connect. With the
introduction of live Chatbots, one can really give real-time personal
assistance to the customers. The customer satisfaction is increased
many folds. The entity can also program various features like white
paper, frequently asked questions, schedule appointments and many
more based on the nature of their business.

 Personalised Artificial intelligence marketing

Sponsored posts from various social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or personalized emails based on the activities of clients. This tool has been proved to be a sure a shot thing to reduce media wastage or mass campaigns to a
recognizable extent.

 Content marketing

the content marketing is the most under spoken and
so is the underdog of the marketing. The year belongs to the company
whose content has the ability to speak for it. The readers establish an
immediate connection to the entity by how catchy its content is. The
language, the presentation, and the research-induced in the content
make a loyal customer base for the company.

Every business enters with an aim of creating its mark on the customers. To be
known for what they do, it is important to let people know how they do and
why they do it. Marketing helps the organization to convey their intent and
idea. Once the connection is established the reliance on the operations of
the business is deeper and faster.


  1. Construct the Content Persona. Building your buyer persona profile will help your team engage with the right people at exactly the right moment in the buying cycle. You have all the necessary parts for creating a hypothetical customer profile including demographics, behavior, lifestyle and product use.


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