6 Best Email Templates for Sales With Tips to Create Your Own


Working as one of the oldest forms of internet marketing, email marketing shows wonders (when used effectively) to this date. Statistically, for every $1 spent on email, it generates $38 as ROI (Return of Investment) for the same. We know the whole point of email marketing, in fact, of marketing, is to attract customers to ultimately increase sales. Therefore, we have thoughtfully integrated email marketing techniques with strategies to increase business leads which turn into more sales and created these email templates for sales.

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Also, we understand each client is unique, so one type of email template can not be appealing to every customer or client. Thus, we have divided these templates into five different categories so you can decide on them according to customers. 

1. On Point Email Template for Sales Introduction

Email templates for sales

Some of the clients instantly walk out when they see a company beating around the bush. They expect you to value their time and priorities. That is what you must do to improve sales, this, the following is one of such email templates for sales that focuses on the same.


I had a chance to look at your website and I understand putting advertisements can be troublesome. However, it is an important source of earning from a website. Therefore, I would like to invite you to go through our affiliate advertising solutions.

Links: (your product: e-book or services)

It is as simple as depicted. Have a great day!


(Your Name, Designation)

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2. Email Template for Building Rapport 

rapport builder email template

While some customers prefer a direct approach, others look for a connection to become one of the loyal customers of your company. 

Hey (First Name),

I hope you are having a great day.

At (Company Name) we are running a campaign to help small businesses called ‘(name of the Campaign)’ and would like to give you a small tour of the same.

With this campaign, we expect to not only accomplish (the target) but mainly to build a strong relationship with our customers. Therefore, based on our customers’ needs, we are working on the designed and customized outcome for all our customers. We would like for you to take 1.5 minutes to fill up this form and register for your customized (the product with features). 

The form link (link text: campaign name: for the product you are offering)

Please feel free to contact us regarding any queries. 


(Your Name, Designation)

3. Email Template for Providing Demo

Product demo email template

Email marketing helps you to take your product to the customers. However, not many potential customers, especially new ones, trust the company instantly. 

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Therefore, this is one of the most important email templates for sales that will help you call them out by providing something to solidify the trust factor for the product: a demo.

Hello (Full Name), 

I was going through the analytics and found out you showed interest in our product (name of the Product) today. I understand our company (Company Name) has been recently introduced to you, also, with so many offers for the (Product Name) worldwide, it becomes difficult to land on one.

Therefore, to ease you into achieving (goal of the Product), we would like to offer you a demo for the same. For free of cost. 

Link to the (Product name)

Also, as you are newly welcomed, here are some resources to help you understand (Company Name) better: 

 Link to (Company name) about page

Link to (Product name) description 

Please pick up a time on my calendar that suits you the best and I will try to provide a detailed outlook on our product to help you better. 

Link to meeting

(Your Name)

4. Email Template to Solve a Problem 

Solve a problem

It cannot be emphasized enough: to start a business, you must focus on solving a problem. Well, the same goes for sales, your product or service should solve a problem for your customers. 

Hey (First Name),

I hope you are doing well. 

With the 2020 pandemic taking down the health and economy of the world, we understand businesses have been facing problems. 

Therefore, we took the initiative to browse your business details and the website of the same and noticed that your business (prospect’s Company Name) has been struggling with the timely delivery of your products. 

To solve this problem, we at (Company Name) have introduced dropshipping service at just Rs. (Price). 

Check it out here: Link to (Service Name)

I understand you would want to know all the details, so could you give me 15 minutes, at your convenience, to explain how this will work for you? Say, on (date and time)? 

(Company Name)

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5. Email Template to Show Reference 

Referral buying

Another way to build trust amongst your customers is by using referral marketing strategies. Here, you convey to the customer that you know someone they follow or are acquainted with. 

Hey (First Name),

I believe we can be pals. 

I have been talking to (mutual person’s Full Name) and got to know you are interested in learning C++ but not sure which one is the best course in terms of quality. 

We at (Company Name) have (number of courses) courses to teach coding. Also, to ensure our customers get the best of it, we have a detailed and long procedure of selecting our teachers. 

Here’s the link to course you are looking for: Link to (Course Name)

Also, here are overall coding courses to browse and widen your knowledge spectrum: Link to (Company homepage)

How about we schedule 20 minutes to talk so I could understand your need and suggest the course along with the details, are you free this (day and time)? 

If not, feel free to suggest the time that fits your routine. 


(Your Name, Designation)

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6. Follow-up Email Template 

Follow up email templates for sales

If you regularly check your email statistics, you will find out, unsurprisingly, most of the emails you sent have not even been opened. Having said that, no salesperson or marketer has ever given up on a potential customer without following up. 

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Hey (First Name), 

How have you been doing? 

I see you visited our website a week ago, I hope you have received our offers on (Product Name they showed interest in). However, if you have been busy but interested in (benefits of Service or Product) from our (Service or Product Name), we would like to extend our offer. 

According to our previous offer (details of the previous offer you placed), however, now we have added (extra feature or combo products) to the offer. 

For more details, here is the link to (Product Name) 

If you are interested in it, I would like to give the details of the same on call. Fill up this calendar as it suits your schedule and I will get back to you. 

Have a good day ahead! 

(Your Name) 

Creating Your Personal Email Templates for Sales

As I said earlier, customization of emails is important to connect with the customer. We have considered the same in the templates above, however, if you want to create your own customized email templates, here are some tips: 

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Subject Line: Use clear and fewer words that talk about the content of the email. Also, do not use clickbait like “Urgent” or “Please open” to gain attention, they never work. 

Content of the Email: Start with a formal yet casual greeting. If you have recipients in CC or BCC, address the mail as “Hello everyone” to invite them all in the conversation. 

Closing: Before signing off, it is important to give them a CTA (Call to Action) option. Also, mention your company’s name and link.


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