37 Small Business Ideas Based on Skills

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The businesses you see today started miles underneath what they seem. Some business ideas, like Jeff Bezos’, came from analyzing and strategizing the steps. On the other hand, Walt Disney’s drawings, paintings, picture books, and visits to amusement led unexpectedly to a whole new world, Disney. 

Ideas come from everything

-Alfred Hitchcock

To get you started according to your skill and preferences, we have sorted out these small business ideas. Feel free to navigate through the section that serves you best

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Business ideas if you are interested in writing


This is the most common, successful, and thriving now more than ever. It does not involve high risks and can be done with low investment value.


  1. Writing skills
  2. Domain and hosting provider
  3. Basic SEO knowledge
  4. Digital marketing

Copywriting Services

copy example
Green Cigarette Campaign- Lucky Strike


In order to sell, every company needs someone who can tell and write the reasons matching with the customer needs. 

The green cigarette campaign made women smoke cigarettes by using the words “Reach for a Lucky when you crave something sweet.” Now, even though the message is wrong but it worked because of the playfulness with the words. 


  1. Research skills. Googling is not researching, in order to write a copy of a product or service, research about competitors and market is essential.
  2. Unlike proofreading, copywriting requires a wide range of vocabulary instead of punctuation and grammar.

Publishing Company

You can start small by creating a platform where you can publish the work digitally, as it does not require high funds. However, if you have enough money to invest, the print form is also an option.


  1. Registration of the company
  2. Writers bound with a contract 
  3. Categorize it: a magazine publishing company, a self-publishing company, journal publishing company.

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Content Writers

Reading is the pleasure that neither goes out of style nor demand. It is called brain-food for a reason, hello?! Be it freelance content writing, guest posting, or content writing for companies, it results in big bucks! The money is not steady before you have a portfolio, but once you start sailing, this ship will take you places.

Requirements? Interest and know-how of writing. 

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Also, if you wish to make a company out of it, you can always form an agency that links content writers to the companies in need of the same.


Only if I had a dollar every time my writing required a better proofreader than a layman like me! Companies like ProEdit understand that writing and proofreading involve some similar skills but are a lot different when it comes to applying the same.


  1. Critical thinking, as proofreading is about ruling out all the errors.
  2. Very thorough knowledge of grammar and punctuations 

Content Marketer

content marketing

Most of the companies hire content writers, create godsend content, and leave it there. There is no use of the content when nobody is reaching and reading it. However, this is nothing but an advantage to those who know the content, marketing, and know-how to combine them both. 


  1. Writing and communication skills
  2. Marketing skills
  3. Knowledge of in-trend automation tools

Resume Builders

Okay, it sounds easy, but there are 3 formats just to create a resume. At some point, we have all used a resume template. Well, with the right skill set, you can create a business out of it. With the help of some fellow writers, you can form an online resume builder company. 


  1. Basic communication skills
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Research about work-ethic of the company and/or the job to be applied for

Ideas for small businesses associated with media

Social Media Agency

With the 55.1% of Asia’s population glued to their screen, we get a vague idea of the requirement of social media managers, marketers, and agencies. It will be relatively easy to pitch your services to the new startups as they require ad creators and analytics of the same to grow. 


Services like strategy planning, running campaigns, and creating content is not a one-person job. Thus, this company niche requires employees even in the initial phase. 

Digital Marketing

Similar to social media agency services, small and medium-sized enterprises prefer to outsource digital marketing services. With some basic knowledge of a diverse range of skills like SEO, pay-per-click advertisement, and marketing knowledge, you got yourself the privilege of owning a company that could be operated from home.

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Mobile Advertising

mobile advertising

Companies like Media.net and AdMob are some of the leading mobile advertisement platforms you could look into. The demand for mobile advertisements is increasing as these ads are more convenient and marketable than huge banners. 


  1. Advertising skills 
  2. IT skills
  3. Basic knowledge of Google Adwords 


As you probably know, a teenager, Carry Minati, quit school to become a Youtuber. Now he has millions of fans, plus, he actually has millions! Not that I suggest quitting school, but following your passion takes dedication (which can surely be done with or without quitting schools)


An immense level of creativity, quantitatively, and qualitatively. 


I recently got into podcasts and I regret not exploring the platform earlier. You can come up with your own podcast- share opinions, news, or simply humor the listeners. Also, you can provide podcasting services to other companies.

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All you require to get going is a recorder. Once the pace is set you can move on to a studio, scriptwriter, and other tools to record.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have ground knowledge of affiliate marketing, you know after a time, it is making money while you are asleep. It basically is marketing somebody else’s product at somebody else’s website to benefit them both. 


  1. Basic social media marketing skills
  2. Detailed information about the product

Business ideas if you are artsy

Interior Designing Services

interior design

This is something almost no layman can do. Thus, the requirements for interior designers can never come to an end. People are more connected to their house and prefer taste and quality of design over quantity of rooms and the size of the house. To begin with, you can take tons of ideas easily from Pinterest. 


  1. Diploma in Arts and Design
  2. Degree or diploma in Interior Design 

Jewelry Designing 

This business idea is perfect for those who are creative and can put it practically, too. The quality which this business idea requires slightly more than other ideas is- attention to detail. Also, another idea for a business in the jewelry industry is a mass production house. However, the latter calls for investing more than the former idea. 


  1. Drawing and IT skills 
  2. Comprehensive knowledge about materials such as gemstones and metals. 
  3. Preferably, a bachelor’s and master’s degree in design. 

Antique Store 

If you collected coins and bizarre antique items as a kid out of sheer passion, this business idea is for you. Starting a business as an antique dealer, antique refurbisher, or opening an antique store is a lot of fun. But just like any other business, it seeks hard work. 


  1. Although all businesses require hard-work, an antique store needs a little more, due to the unpredictable market and its rareness in nature. 
  2. Legal formalities like license and IEC if you plan to import items. 

Graphic Designing

graphic design

Although most graphic designers have some sort of degree However, with the number of employee candidates and online courses available, a degree is surely not a necessity.  You can start your own graphic designing company from the comfort of your home. It involves making logos, posters, social media posts, banners, and all other visual communication tools. Regardless to say, demand for such services is high. 

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  1. Drawing skills
  2. IT skills
  3. Basic knowledge of marketing material

Makeup artist

This is the business idea that started with you playing with your mother’s makeup and years later…  can end up with you using makeup and cosmetics at a movie set. This business idea is not as upfront as others, which opens up the doors of possibilities of success somewhat more. 

Also, if you have knowledge about marketing and makeup products, a makeup line is a viable option to explore.

Requirements: A detailed guide to set up a makeup associated business (with requirements)

Clothing Line or Store

Okay, this does not necessarily sound like a small business idea, but if you call it a boutique, it does, right? Even though this business requires an average sum of investment, the return on the same is mostly quick and steady. 


  1. GST registration
  2. Through research about the market 

Education centered business ideas

Language Teacher

If you are a student, you can start by teaching a language over Skype or in classrooms. It does not require plenty of time or monetary investment. During the course of time, a company like Duolingo can be formed. 


  1. Expertise in the language
  2. If you are planning for it as a company, then basic marketing skills, teachers for different languages, and a decent outlet to teach will also be required. 

Online Courses and Classes

Among all the businesses, this has the least possibility of making a loss. Companies like Udemy, Coursera, and Unacademy are making unbelievable profits. Students want to learn faster and above all, niche-specific knowledge. As this business is breaking the traditional education eco-system,  its demand is breaking roofs.

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  1. Editing skills
  2. Content expertise or employees with the same
  3. And a good quality web camera



The translation industry providing services to students and companies are increasing by %5 annually. Services include not only word-to-word verbal translation but providing document translation and website information translation can increase the profitability and give a better, wholesome reputation to the company. 

Educational Products and Services

Parents are hungry for products that would both: educate and entertain their kids. With the “why generation” asking tons of questions and parents’ busy schedules, this business idea is the middle road.

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  1. Manufacturing skills 
  2. Marketing strategy 
  3. Innovation and updated analysis of the demand


Share your knowledge and expertise. With an immeasurable amount of pressure on students to excel and shortage of help within the education system, tutors can never go out of demand. It can be done either online or offline or both. 


  1. Expertise in the subject(s), or employees with the same
  2. A decent outlet in accordance with the customer needs and profitability

Technology-related business ideas 

Web Development

Around 89% of consumers have turned their backs on the company and brought goods/services from the competitor because of poor user experience. So if you know web design and development, almost every company knows your worth. 


  1. Technical skills like management of CMS (Content Management Systems)
  2. Knowledge about website set-up, analytics, and company’s branding

Game developer

game development

Gaming is fun, and it’s even more fun when you know how to make a business out of it. We all have our own inputs while playing a game, a game developer knows how to provide most of them. 


  1. Updated software and hardware required to develop a game
  2. A creative and critical mindset to improvise and develop 

A complete guide to starting your own video game company

SEO Consultant

Search engines are not what they were a few years ago. However, not all website owners know how a bot crawls up to their website or how to make the site rank better. The demand for an SEO consultant or as an SEO agency is increasing, but so is the competition. 

To make this business reach its highest profitability, you require to outwork your competitors. 


  1. Basic knowledge about digital marketing
  2. Decide your niche- SEO for small business or realtors
  3. Registration of your companies and other legalities

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SaaS (Software as a Service) Provider

A small SaaS distribution business model can take inspiration from B2C companies like Netflix and Spotify to grow. Soon enough the whole working methodology of organizations will be changed, and it is on you whether to take this opportunity ahead of time. 


  1. Well developed tools like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for your customers
  2. Hosting service

Mobile Application Developer

Every business is online to have a better presence and increased reachability. Soon enough, to match with customer convenience, a definite increase in building apps is foreseen. This business idea is a little ahead of its time, that reduces the competition. 


  1. Coding
  2. If your not an expert at coding, you might want to grasp know-how of app builders

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Drone Services

drone agriculture solutions
Drone used for agricultural solutions

If you are living ages ahead of me and know how to build up a drone and/or provide services like drone videography and drone racing, you and your skills are in demand. Also, the potential customer range is more diversified than other businesses, from real estate agents to get a picture of houses to market better to spies. 


  1. Parts like quadcopter and motors. 
  2. A basic sales knowledge to pitch your drone and its services

Artificial Intelligence 

You don’t have to start from a self-driving car, although, you may as well. The business opportunities in AI (Artificial Industry) require a high investment due to a lack of awareness of its possible success and need in the near future. Just like most business ideas in this segment, this requires patience and is great as a business in the long-run.

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  1. Decide your niche- In-house AI services, transportation industry, or any other. If you want to invest an amount as low as possible, the financial industry can be more suitable than others. 
  2. Technological skills like software security, development, and data management

Business ideas to provide personal service

Dog walker

While you love dogs, some dog owners are too busy to walk their dogs. This involves walking a dog from its home to a certain specified place, safely. You can do it alone or form a company, like Rover, with the help of other dog-lovers. 

Services for Pets

pet care

Bruno and its owner are both in dire need of online services for pets. Services like pet grooming, ordering pet-food, an outlet to search and find lost pets, can be combined and provided simply at customers’ fingertips. 

Fitness Instructor

With the increased awareness in the aspect of the importance of health and fitness, a fitness instructor’s demand is expectedly increasing. 

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Whether it’s because of lack of time and trust, or delayed result, more and more people now opt for an at-home instructor for a basic fitness regime. Thus, a fitness trainer at a gym and an at-home fitness instructor are required in accordance with location and customer needs.  

Relocating Services

People aiming to lead a hassle and time-efficient life are increasing as there is a better understanding of what quality of life is. Packing and then unpacking sounds exhausting to anyone who has done it. However, fortunately, not to those who like organizing and packing. 

Print on demand T-shirts

It is like a lazy brother of the ‘Clothing Line’ business. If you have the creativity, the right approach to reach your market, an understanding of trends, and customer demands, this might be the one for you. 

If you are as “brainy” as Sophia Marlowe in Girlboss, there is no stopping you. 

Child Care Services

day care

As a baby sitter (when I was 16) I can tell it is one of the most fulfilling services to provide. There is a growing opportunity for service business ideas involving children. From babysitting to well-established daycares, if you like working with the children, you might want to explore these ideas.  

How to land on the best business idea

Once you have your options ready, make sure your idea is failure-proof. We have prepared a mini check-list to cover that. 

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  • It involves something you like and are good at. 
  • You have some amount of experience in the field to understand the difference between limelight and actual work input required. 
  • Your business idea solves a problem. Remember, boredom is also a problem, that makes entertainment: a solution. 
  • Profitability: It provides something people would pay to have. 
  • Test. If you are serious about the business idea you have chosen, run the feasibility tests to gain better knowledge and chances of success. 
  • Have knowledge of funding options and investors before you put in your time and efforts in the business plan execution. 
  • Evaluate your business-lifestyle fit. You might be burning with passion, but it is good to remember all the monetary and other benefits are to live a better life. 

Bonus: Name your business

You are all set to get some cha-ching!

Give your business the online presence without feeling stranded amongst technological jargons and know-how. With GoDaddy, it takes minutes and no efforts to give your name a domain, hosting, and required branding. It links you directly with WordPress and other service providers.

Now they ease your work so that all you can focus on is your business, and let them take care of the work going on in the background.  


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