100+ New Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment -2020

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100+ New Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment -2019

“When all fails, only hard work succeeds.”

If you have found this article then it’s pretty clear that you are hell-bent on starting your own venture. Going through all those Google suggested links and finally reaching this article need some patience and persistence; two good qualities to have if you want to have a start-up of your own.

Well let me first clarify, no business is easy, and making a business profitable and sustainable requires a lot of hard work. Here we have decided to help you out a bit in this endeavor. We have compiled a list of small business ideas that you can choose from. So read on and find out which one suits you the best.
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 1. Children Play Area & daycare

In the 21st century, Indian families have become nuclear. It has become very common to see that both parents are working full-time jobs. In this case, it becomes necessary to have daycare for children between age groups of 3yrs -12yrs old. Having a combination of play area and daycare combined can make your business a sought out service provider by all the working parents.

 2. Pregnant lady Exercise class

After getting a quick certification, this business can prove to be very lucrative if you market it well. Point to be noted is that you have to get your certifications from a recognized training center to get your clients to have trust in your practices.

 3. Custom Gift Store

Many people struggle with creative ideas when it comes to gifting. Having professional help goes a long way when it comes to gifts. Nowadays Corporate Gifting services are in much demand. The right gift helps you leave a good impression on the recipient.

 4. Flipping Business

With the help of websites such as OLX, it has become easy to find customers for used goods. If you have the eye to see the right value of a used product one can manage to have good profit by flipping(reselling) it online.

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5. Event Organizer

People love to celebrate but no one likes to go through the hassles of negotiating with caterers, hotels, DJs, etc. By creating connections with relevant vendors you can start organizing events in no time. With the growing culture of celebrating every event of significance in life. Event organizers are much in demand. This is also a type of small business ideas.

6. Adventure Activity Organizer

In India, it takes only one-month training to become a Certified mountaineer. Once you are certified you can start taking people out on adventures in the wilderness. This business requires some necessary training and fitness levels. People are willing to explore new places and for a good experience, they are ok to pay you premium prices.

 7. Chatbot services

A Chatbot is a next-generation business. In this business, you need to build bots as per specific business requirements. A business of chatbot demands lot of technical expertise and knowledge. The investment required for this business is low. This is also a type of small business ideas.

 8. Interior Designer

Interior designing services have been trending for quite some time now. With some knowledge of architecture and design, you can help people make their houses look better.
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 9. Dance Coaching

Dance has been an age-old form of entertainment. Nowadays it has been heavily commercialized and involves a lot of lucrative payouts for really talented dancers. You can either hire a dance teacher or plan to become a dance teacher by learning dance. The investment required for this business is very low.

 10. Music Tutoring

Like dance, music has also been around for ages and true admirers of this art pay handsome amount to hear a beautiful composition. This business demands specialized skills and a lot of experience. If you are new to music, I suggest you partner up with an experienced professional one and work on marketing. You can start this business from home also.

 11. Ethnic Food Service

Another home-based small business idea is ethnic food service. You can serve Ethnic Food for your community at your home. It is very easy to monetize this business and the world is full of food lovers. Be rest assured that you will never run out of business even if you have decent cooking skills. Trust me I know worse people surviving this industry. Haha!

 12. Organic Farming

If you have some land, you can think of starting organic farming. You need to do some study and get a professional’s advice before starting this business. But it can never go wrong with people across the country becoming more and more health-conscious.

 13. Home Chocolate Business

Chocolate is one of the great products for home business. If you love making chocolate make it your business. You need chocolate recipes, utensils, cookware, molds, and packing material to start this business. Also You need to tie up with shopping malls or small shop keepers to purchase your chocolate. You can think of creating an online presence also.
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14.Tuition Class

Starting at Tuition Class is one of the best home-based small business ideas. If you have good teaching skills and knowledge you can start this business. You just need a few wooden benches and blackboards for starting this business. At an initial stage, this business demands mouth publicity or advertisement.

 15. Recruitment Services

One of the most popular home-based small business ideas is a recruitment services business. In this business, you just need data of candidates looking for jobs. Just refer a candidate to the company and get a commission out of it. It is a very good small business idea.

16. Tiffin Services

Starting tiffin services is a very viable home-based small business idea. Everyone needs food if you are good at cooking tasty food at a reasonable price you can start this business. With the new app-based delivery companies it has become very easy to market you delicacies. The investment required for this business is very low. Tasty food with the right pricing is the success mantra of this business.

 17. Cooking Class

A housewife expert in cooking can start a cooking class at home. You may need to buy some equipment like an oven, tandoor, chopper, etc. to make your cooking easy. An extra room or space in a kitchen to teach all students is needed. You may need to take training to improve your culinary skills in making specialized food such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, etc. You Can start with creating your youtube channel.

 18.Hobby Class

Today every parent looks for the holistic development of their children & they are ready to pay for it. This gives birth to a very good business idea called a hobby class. You can start a hobby class for dance, music, craft based on the skill you possess. This is one of the top home-based small business ideas for housewives.

 19. Yoga Class

Starting a yoga class is one of the profitable and lucrative home-based business options. The wellness industry in India is growing at a faster pace. People are changing their mindset from remedial to preventive care approach. If you are a certified yoga teacher or expert in yoga you can start your own Yoga Class. Also, there is a high demand for certified Yoga teachers at an international level.

 20. Spoken English Coaching Class

Spoken English coaching is a popular home-based small business idea. If you are fluent in English you can start Spoken English coaching classes. English is a globally recognized language. People are ready to spend money to develop a skill related to spoken English. The class can be started with minimum investment. However, you have to be perfect and professional in teaching English.

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21. Foreign Language Coaching Class

Learning a foreign language is a trend today. Students and working professionals both opt for learning a foreign language. French and Spanish are a popular foreign language. If you are expert in any of these languages you can start a foreign language class.

 22. Insurance Agent

The next home-based small business idea or profession is an insurance agent. In this business, you need to sell insurance policies. You will earn a commission on every policy. You should have good communication skills and convincing power to become successful in this business.

 23. Fitness Trainer

If you love doing physical exercise and you are certified in fitness instructing you can become a fitness trainer. There are various institutes offering this type of course. You need to do a lot of hard work and maintain your diet and fitness to become a fitness trainer.

 24. Wedding Planning Services

Please don’t confuse this with event planning. Event planning is a much broader term. But wedding planning is a very sophisticated niche. Wedding planners are always in demand. If you have planning skills and staff, you can start your own wedding planning services. This business demands moderate investments.This is also a type of small business ideas.

 25. Visa Consultant

Good visa consultants are always in demand. If you have knowledge of visa rules and regulation then you can plan to establish your own visa constantly firm.

 26. Personal Chef

A personal chef is a person hired by different clients for preparing meals. If you have a skill to make tasty food you can become a personal chef. You can generate a moderately good income from this business.

27. Sport Coach

A sports coach is a person involved in the training of the operations of a sports team or of an individual sportsperson. You need to have an appropriate qualification like a degree in sports coaching and relevant experience in any given sport.

 28. Mobile Food Shop

Serving healthy and tasty food is a very good idea & that also in the form of mobile service makes it outstanding. In this business, you don’t require huge capital but yes you must serve healthy and tasty food. Indians love to eat tasty food, hence it is but natural that it is one of the Top Small Business Ideas with low investment.

 29. Diet Food Shop

The next small business idea is the diet food shop. A lot of people are interested to reduce weight and are ready to accept diet food. Thus starting a Diet Food store will surely turn out to a profitable affair. I’d recommend that you get your self appropriate qualification before venturing out in this business.

 30. Laundry Shop

The next business idea is a laundry shop. You can start a laundry shop with low investment in a rented shop. You need labor helping you in doing laundry work. If you manage to land a few hotel contracts you can manage to get good profits in this business.

 31. Pickle Making

Pickle making is a home-based business option for women. This business can be started with low investment. You just need the skill of making pickles. Good packaging, advertisement, and marketing are key in order to succeed in this business. Social media marketing can go a long way in this venture.

 32. Career Counselling

Parents and students are always looking for a good career counselor for the selection of the right career and study option. They generally seek guidance/support from an expert. If you are an expert in this area you can become a good counselor and earn money.

Learn more about How to Register Your Start-up

33. Food Catering Business

A food catering business is an evergreen business option. This business demands planning and execution skills. You need to serve tasty food with consistency in order to get quick success in this business.

 34. Real Estate Agent

One of the highly profitable business ideas is opening a real estate agency. In this business, you need to help people in finding the right property for rent or sell. You can earn a hefty commission from every transaction.

 35. Landscaping Service

The demand for Landscaping service providers is increasing. If you have expertise in maintaining and growing good landscape you can start this business. Make sure to carry out research before starting this business.

 36. Aquarium Shop

The aquarium is a good low-cost small business idea. It is very good to keep a fish tank or aquarium in the home. Aquarium gives pleasant experience and peace. It is even good for Vastu. You can start your own business by opening the Aquarium shop.

 37. Fumigation Services

Fumigation is a type of pest control where you need to fumigate the material intended for export. You need special chemicals and equipment for this service.

 38. Spy & Security Services

Today more and more people are adopting western culture, this gives birth to a requirement of spy or detective. Many individuals and companies take services of detective today. If you have the right skill set you can charge premium prices.

 39. Software Training

IT experts can start a software training business. You need expert trainers in this field. You can select computer language such as C,C++,JAVA, HTML etc.

40. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best online business ideas. In this business, you need to show your expertise by sharing unique information. You just need a domain name and hosting space. To make money online from a blog you need to gain large amounts of traffic from a specific niche. You can make money from the direct advertisement or by Google Adsense.
You can also explore social media channels like Instagram to grow your business 

 41. Vlogging

Vlogging means making a video on various topics and sharing online. A person making videos and publishing is known as a vlogger and platform used for sharing is known as a vlog. You can start uploading videos to youtube and embed it in your vlog. You can earn money from the Youtube Channel Partner program. Learn more about how to grow a youtube channel

 42. Freelance writer

A freelance writer is a next business or career option. If you are good at generating quality content (writing) you can make a lot of money. You need to tie up with bloggers or websites looking for content. However, in order to become successful in this field, you have to be extremely good. You can also explore  How to Take Your Business Online amid Corona

 43. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is science. It involves a lot of techniques and tactics. A task or SEO Expert is helping a website to increase the ranking. If you are very good at Search Engine Optimization you can set up your own business for providing SEO Consultancy.10 reasons to use content marketing  

 44. Hosting Paid Webinars

The next online business idea is hosting a paid webinar online. If you are a highly skilled person with extraordinary domain knowledge you can host a paid webinar. The webinar is a web-based seminar presentation or video hosted on the internet. It requires unique skills to build a successful webinar. In order to host webinars online, you should be an owner of the website which is well known, with good traffic ranking. Explore Best Video Conferencing Apps for Small Businesses

45. App Development

With almost everything becoming mobile based the next business idea is App development and building an app. In order to build the app, you should have technical knowledge about android programming. Once your app is ready you can place it online or on google play store. There are many ways to monetize an app for eg. sell advertisements, accumulate data, etc.

 46. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting other products on your website and help them to increase their sale. On every product sold, you will get some commission. There are multiple websites that provide affiliate marketing program. You need to enroll in the program and place a banner or link on your website. You need not worry about product shipment, customer handling, etc. How To Sell Things On Amazon

47. Domain Flipping

Domain filliping or buying and selling domain is the next job cum business idea. This idea requires an investment of a small amount. In this job, you need to purchase a domain at a low price and sell it at a high price. There are multiple websites that provide domain auction facility online.

 48. Sell Photos Online

If you are creative and good at clicking photographs. You can sell photos online and generate a lot of money. There are many companies, agencies, and individuals who are looking for unique photographs. They are ready to pay money for new and unique photos.

 49. Stock Market Trading

One of the most profitable business is stock market trading. You can start this business with moderate capital. However, this business demands a lot of knowledge and expertise. You have to be extremely good at trading to make a profit.

50. Data Entry

This is a prototype job in which you need to engage yourself in doing a job of entering data or filling the form as per requirement. Your typing speed and efficiency are important while doing a data entry job. You will find multiple websites offering data entry jobs. However, you need to be careful and select a legitimate website for data entry jobs.

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51. Restaurant

A restaurant is a food-based best profitable small business idea. This business requires intensive investment and meticulous planning. In addition to this, you require a good chef for cooking food. The time requires for getting success in the restaurant business is high.

 52. Mobile Sales and Repair

Mobile phone sales and repair is a profitable business option. The mobile phone business is growing exponentially. Every common man today prefer the smartphone. Increasing smartphone usage offers a good business opportunity for the sale and repair of smartphones. You need skill and capital in order to start this business.

 53. Health Club

Starting a health club is one of the most profitable business ideas.  Health is wealth and people are ready to spend money to maintain good health. For a daily workout, they prefer to go to the gym or health club. If you have money and a suitable place you can start a health club. A chance of getting success in this business is very high.

 54. Commercial and Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental

Commercial and Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental is a business idea that requires massive capital investment. In this business, you need to purchase equipment like cranes, earthmovers, etc, and give it on rent. You can earn a massive profit over the long run. Learn more about How to Test Your Business Idea?

 55. Travel Agency

If you love traveling and enjoy helping others in travel, you can plan to start a travel agency.  All you need is a Computer, Phone, and contacts of many hotels and experienced service providers in all the famous travel destinations.

 56. IT Hardware shop

IT Hardware Store is a profitable business idea. In this business, you need to sell IT Hardware items such as laptops, desktops, servers, hard disks, network devices, mouse, speaker, etc. The success of this business depends on demographics and demand.

 57. Textile Unit

Textile unit is a small business idea that demands a lot of investment.  In this business, you need to produce raw fabric or other textile products to sell to an individual or business. This business requires space and machinery. In addition to this, you need to evaluate the market before starting this business.

Rice Mill is the next big investment business. There is a large marketplace for rice in India and abroad. Rice is an essential food of the majority population in India. You need to undergo with series of approval for establishing this business. After approval, you need to purchase and install machinery for rice mills.

 59. Manufacturing Fabrication Plant

A manufacturing fabrication plant is a facility that does welding, machining and produces metallic finish goods. It is a big investment big profit business. You need skilled manpower and a lot of machinery for this business. And also an engineering Degree!

 60. Crane and Lifting Service

Crane and lifting service is a big investment business. Construction and manufacturing units require crane or lifting equipment. You can offer crane & lifting services to the customer and earn money.

 61. Transportation services

In this business, you need to provide a facility of transportation to the customer. Your major client base should be huge corporates who give pick-up & drop facility to their employees.

62. Car Parking Services

Car parking service is a recent concept, as you know that parking cars in the business area are always a problem if you have a huge space you can utilize this space by providing a safe and secure car parking place.

63. Petrol Pump & Gas Station

A petrol pump or Gas station is a business option that demands huge capital investment. Apart from money, you need a lot of space, labor, and machinery for this business. The cost of setting up is also high.

64.Marriage Hall or Party Plot

A big space can be converted to a marriage hall or party plot. You may need to spend a lot of money on decoration and development of the area. You can generate very good revenue from this business.

65. Luxurious Car Services

If you are keen to start an expensive business, Luxurious car business can be your choice. In this business, you need to purchase luxurious cars and lease them. Many rich people avail of such services and they are ready to pay money for this.

66. Imported Furniture Store

One of the big investment business is imported furniture store. In this business, you are involved in selling imported furniture. You can import this furniture from China, UAE or other countries. You need a suitable place and huge capital to start this business.

 67. Electronic Store

The electronic store is one of the big investment business ideas. In this business, you need to sell electronic items such as TV, fridge, washing machine, and other electronic items. You will need a big space and a lot of manpower to start this business.

 68. Art and Collection Shop

If you love antique items, art and collection business might help you. In this business, you need to keep art, antiques, painting, and other decorative items in your shop. It is a risky business option.This is also a type of small business ideas.

69. Poultry and Fisheries

Poultry and Fisheries business is another big investment business idea. You need to study market conditions before starting this business. You will need an incubator and rack type arrangement to keep chickens.

 70. Solar Farm

Solar generation is the next booming business. This business requires a hefty investment. In this business, you need to produce solar energy by means of using the equipment and sell it to power generation companies or clients.This is also a type of small business ideas.

 71. UPS Business

In the UPS business, you need to buy and sell UPS. Apart from that, you can take AMC of old UPS. You can tie up with good UPS companies like APC for selling their products.

 72. Auto Modification Services

Today people cannot afford an imported car and they often go for modification of existing cars for good design and look. This gives birth to a good business called as auto modification service.

 73. Chemical Unit

Starting a Chemical factory is a big investment idea. In the Chemical Unit business, you need to produce chemical, color, and dye required for industrial and household processes. It is a complicated business that requires a lot of expertise. Licensing and clearance required for this business are also high.

 74. Car Driving School

Car Driving School is one of the lucrative small business ideas. However, you require a lot of money to start a car driving school business. You need to make an investment in buying multiple cars. You will also need trainers for effective training.

75. Internet Service provider

The demand for the Internet is growing thus starting internet business makes sense. You have to be knowledgeable enough to start an internet service provider business. This business demands heavy investment in buying equipment and establishing a network.

 76. Computer Class

Knowledge of computer is required in almost every field. This makes computer class lucrative business options. This business demands investment in terms of buying computers and other projecting and networking equipment.

 77. Modelling Agency

A modeling agency is a company that represents fashion models, to work for the fashion industry. A Modelling agency earns income via commission. If you are well connected in the television & fashion world, this business must be the right fit for you. How to become an Instagram influencer?

 78. Organic Food Store

The organic food store is an emerging business in India. Organic food means food grown naturally without any fertilizer and pesticides. The demand for this type of food is growing. If you can manage the sourcing of organic food from farmers on a regular basis you can start this business.

 79. Stationary & Book Store

Stationary related items are widely used in school and in business. If you open a stationery shop nearby school or business area, your chance of getting success in this business will be very high. It is a moderate investment retail business. You do not require any special skills for opening this business.

 80. Leather & Perfume Shop

The next retail business idea is leather and perfume business. In this business, you can keep leather bags, travel bags, wallets, belts, perfumes, and other gift items in your shop. Demand for these types of products is always there hence it is an evergreen business idea.

81. Safety & Security Products Retail Business

Safety and security related products are always in demand. Thus starting a safety and security product retail business could be a very good business option. In this business, you need to keep safe and security-related items such as helmet, safety kit, safety shoes, CCTV items, biometric lock, etc. You can think of starting this business near the industrial area.

 82. Herbal & Ayurveda Products Retail Business

A market of Herbal and Ayurveda products is expanded in the last few years. Especially after the entry of players like Patanjali. If you are looking for a niche segment you can start herbal & Ayurveda retail business. It is a moderate investment business with a good success rate. 5 vital things to consider while locating your business

 83. Tattoo Shop

The young generation is crazy about tattoos and they are ready to spend money on that. Thus starting a tattoo shop could be a good option. You may need the help of a tattoo artist for this business. You can even learn the art of tattoo making.

 84. Gardening Equipment shop

People are fond of having plants in their balconies and front yards. There is a good margin in gardening products and making new saplings for blooming plants is not that complicated.

 85. Automobile Distribution Business

Automobile distribution is one of the most popular business options. Products in Automobile such as accessories, lubricants, and batteries are always in demand. You can grab this as an opportunity and start your own business. However, you need to be careful in selecting products.  There are many players in this market and many duplicate products are also found.

 86. Building Construction Material Distribution Business

The infrastructure sector is booming and the future of Building Construction Material Distribution is very bright. It is a heavy capital-centric business. Along with capital, you will need a lot of space for this business. In this business, you need to deal with products like cement, TMT rods, sand, stone chips bricks, glazed tiles, paints, etc.

 87. Colour & Chemical Distribution Business

Colour and Chemicals are used in various industries for different purposes. You can think of starting the distribution business of chemicals, dyes, rubber, adhesive, plastic, etc. The manufacturing of a few products from this segment is banned in several foreign countries. So, the demand for such products will be high in those countries. It is recommended to carry out research before starting this business.

 88. Cosmetics Distribution Business

Females in India are fond of cosmetic and personal care products. These types of product always remain in demand. Thus starting cosmetics distribution can bring good success. There are multiple companies in this segment you should select branded companies with very good products.This is also a type of small business ideas.

 89. FMCG Product Distribution

Starting the FMCG product business is a lucrative business option in India. These types of products always remain in demand. It is easy to establish a supply chain for this type of product. The investment required for this business is also low. However, there is a lot of competition in this business.

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 90. Manufacturing of Sports-related items

Sport is the biggest industry in India. People are crazy about sports especially cricket. Thus starting a manufacturing plant related to sports items could be a profitable affair. The items which you can produce are batting gloves, hockey stick, bat, ball, etc. You need to maintain quality and standard to withstand in this market.

 91. Handmade Biscuit making

One of the simplest manufacturing business ideas is handmade biscuit making. You can combine this business with the bakery also. This business can be started at home also. You will need a suitable manpower for this business. If you are planning a larger scale you can even establish an automatic biscuit making plant.

92. Candy making

Chocolate and candy making is an evergreen manufacturing business idea.  The key to success in this business is the recipe. Based on the recipe you will need confectionery, cream, flavored fruit and nuts, packaging items, etc. Once you are through with making recipe you can go for bulk production.

 93. Furniture making

Furniture has become an essential part of our life. Office, home, school or any business requires furniture such as chairs, tables, cupboards, beds, wardrobes, etc. If you have enough space and if you want to produce large scale products, furniture making idea is for you. You require skill manpower in order to start this business.

 94. Production of Leather related items

A leather product such as belt, bags, footwear, garments is always in demand. If you have a skill, expertise and suitable manpower you can start lather item manufacturing business. Investment and regulatory requirement for this business is high.

 95. Electrical Fitting Production

Nothing work without electricity and electrical equipment. So, starting an electric fitting business could be a very good small business idea. You can start an electrical fitting manufacturing business with small capital investment. To start this business, you must obtain several licenses and registrations from Govt. authority. This includes GST number, Trade license, and BIS certification.

 96. Embroiderer

The next business in line is the Embroidery business. In this business, you need to develop a skill to design new design of embroidery. You can do embroidery by low-end machine or by sophisticated tools. It is a lucrative business with a very good profit margin.

 97. Carpet Making

The market for rubber carpets is indeed a large one; if you open a production factory for this type of business, you are sure going to break even within a short period of time. You need to learn an appropriate skill before starting this business.

 98. Audio Equipment Renting

High-end audio equipment always remains in demand. All Events require public address systems and audio devices. If you have expertise in identifying and managing audio devices you can start audio equipment renting business.

 99. Fancy Dress Renting Business

Fancy dress renting business is a low-cost investment business. These dresses are usually in demand at school for the celebration of several events and even during several social functions. You can start your own fancy dress renting business and earn a lot of money. This is also a type of small business ideas

100. Consulting business

Well, it’s not that difficult to enter into a consulting business. You can pick any one field from the following: Finance, IT (Information technology), Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource, etc. The key is to learn everything there is about that particular subject. Get some experience and off you go. Learn everything about how to start your own consulting business 

So let us know which business idea you like the most in the comments below.




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