10 ways to make extra money as a graphic designer

Ways to earn more as a graphic designer_entrepreneurskillhub


Marrying to your career of a graphic designer is going to be tough, but definitely fun! One way to earn extra from your passion is to pursue the same on different platforms. Let’s discuss a few ways to make some extra bucks as a graphic designer:

Sell yourself on Upwork

Upwork is known to be a renowned platform where you can exhibit your bidding price and get work from clients all over the world. Yes, all over the world! Register yourself and let upwork perform its magic!

Network around people

Being a graphic designer is well an art that is not everyone’s jaw! So how about you network with the people around you who are potential entrepreneurs and all they need is a person to promote their work by creative designing. I get calls from different designers just to post a few of their work on my blogs. And then I think, “Why not? It enhances my blog and they get the audience to tap as well.”

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Train people on Udemy

Udemy is a platform of teaching. You can teach your passion and art to others. Bring more subscriptions to your course, and start the paid version of the same. You will come across any students who just get crazy to learn your perfect styling and designing. You can teach your skills to others and get paid for the same. What all do you need?

Train people on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers similar services like that of Udemy. The difference is served by type of audience only.

Sell for free!

Sometimes designing a logo for free can work wonders for you! Well, of course, you do not have to spend too much time on designing that logo; but make sure it shouts perfection. Just one free logo can bring the entire project of website designing. A smart strategy is all you need.

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Make your people talk!

If I was your client who asked for a logo of my company and I was a hundred percent happy with your work: I would have reviewed you everywhere and to everyone. But if I forget somehow, just remind me to do it, and I will! So what I saying is, “Tell your happy clients to talk about you, and they will!”

Exhibit on YouTube

Ask yourself, if you are not great in excel formulas, haven’t you searched the same on YouTube? I am sure you have. Then why not let YouTube help you provide students as well? You can showcase your work and probably some tricks and tips of graphic designing. And maybe in a few months, you have millions of subscriptions waiting for you to upload many other videos related to your work.

Tweet your art!

Let’s put Twitter to good use. How about asking your clients to review your art on twitter? Since Twitter is an open platform, that review can open up to many new opportunities. You might not have time to breathe in the future if Twitter works its’ charm!

Instagram can bring more followers

Speaking of the latest trends, the fact states that people are running behind the most number of followers on Instagram. Consider an instance where you have more than 10,000 followers on your Instagram who can swipe across the extraordinary designs you create. These followers are from different industries, which mean you have better mandates to exhibit your art to various industry experts.

Sell it on Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform which is popular for cheap prices. Being a graphic designer, you can use your art on jazzy looking t-shirts and let the consumers run behind them. I am sure, being a graphic designer, you must have thought of painting your art on a t-shirt that will make everyone go crazy behind the same! So be it! Let’s do it and sell the same on Fiverr.



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