Are you waiting to grab the opportunity to be an entrepreneur? Are you a wantrepreneur? Here is the catch. It is your go-to bus. We will guide you on how to ideate, strategize, and generate. So, hop in for the ride.

Entrepreneur skill hub is the go-to source for helping budding entrepreneurs to build
leading businesses.

Are you in the game of starting a business? It is hard to hold a grip on the slippery floor. Don’t worry! We are there for you with a rope. We will uplift you, motivate you, and push you towards your goal. Want to know how?
Well, we have a growing community of Entrepreneurs. Here you can identify, learn, and acquire those much-needed traits.

Are you up for learning?
We are connecting you to 1000+ developed businesses and will help you build something that stays strong for long. You are going to get all the help from us. This way, you can skyrocket your entrepreneurial venture to new heights.
Just sit tight and hold us for a while to ride the adventure of learning, thinking, and growing. Get Set Fly!

Where does the Entrepreneur skill hub come into play?

Chetnnya jain - Founder of entrepreneurskillhub_entrepreneurskillhub

Chetnnya Jain, Founder of Entrepreneur Skill Hub

“Strengthening entrepreneurial education will impact the entire startup ecosystem. It will ensure the development of skills required to have the right entrepreneurial mindset.
If you want to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, follow us for the roller-coaster journey filled with chaos and learning.

Millions have benefitted…

Community at Large



Learn, Start, and grow your business.
Entrepreneur skill hub aims to educate, inspire, and motivate entrepreneurs from across the world. We work with experts, trainers, founders, and entrepreneurs.
We are distilling their lessons into blogs, eBooks, courses, and other resources. We are about practical advice, not theory.

OUR MISSION: We are serving to cater the entrepreneurs, enthusiast, and who love the process of entrepreneurship. It is an entrepreneurial brand that bridges the gap of entrepreneurs with our content. We aim to fulfill this gap between the entrepreneurs and opportunity. We deliver entrepreneurial education to create that much-needed opportunity.

Meet the crew

Shantam Khetan
Arpit Jain
Head Designer
Ashutosh Gauttam
Technical Head
Apoorva Mathur
Content Writer

We have a team of enthusiastic believers who are passionate to create the content which is fresh and relevant. They are developing a brand story in the right way. The team is obsessed with creating content that supports the entrepreneurs. They are engaged in serving the purpose of a guide.

Interested in joining the Hub crew? Check out our careers page

The Spark
That Ignited
this journey

From idea and bootstrapped startup, to becoming a leading entrepreneurial resource serving millions

We identify the need for Entrepreneurship education. We focus on developing real-world skills that will help students to lead an exceptional journey in a rapidly changing world. The entrepreneur skill hub practices to sheer the gap between education and entrepreneurs. It has all started with the mission of helping entrepreneurs, by the efforts of Founder Chetnnya Jain from NMINS & Co-founder Shantam khetan from Faculty of management studies, Delhi.

Learn, Start, and Grow your business. Entrepreneur skill hub aims to educate, inspire, and motivate entrepreneurs from across the world.

We assure you better learning and experience.


    Actionable Strategies for Starting & Growing Any Business.

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    How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

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